Bye-Bye Dear Friend

Dear Flowers Class mommies and daddies,

Today we were a little sad to say Bye-Bye to one of our dear friends. But she cheered us up and suggested that we plan a trip to Singapore and then we can meet up with her for a play date and go swimming. David, her daddy came to school today and we celebrated her Bye-Bye party.  When David came, he was pleasantly surprised to hear a few children greet him ‘Bonjour’ in French. Then our dear friend pointed out in a big map, Tokyo and Singapore. David mentioned that in the airplane, Singapore is only about 6 hours away from Tokyo and that means his little girl can watch her favorite movie ‘Frozen’ three times on her way there. After that we presented them with a Memory book of pictures. There were a few group photos of the entire Flowers Class and then photos of every child and teacher with special bye-bye message for our friend. Then Darren read a book called ‘Being Thankful’. It was about being thankful for what we have including our family, friends, food, flowers, tress, sun, moon and the entire world. Then, on behalf of the entire Flowers class, Darren said that we are very thankful for our special friend and we will miss her dearly. At the end of the party, we played our favorite game Musical Chairs and had so much fun. After the party, we said ‘au revoir’ to David. That means bye-bye in French. In the morning free play time, we enjoyed the table top activities as well as the carpet activities. In one of the tables, we made little balls of clay and then rolled it and cut out a gingerbread man using a cookie cutter. Then we made a little hole in it, so we can thread it when its dry and decorated. Some of us have decided to use it as an ornament for our Christmas tree. In the other table, we pasted our white origami snow flake onto another colored origami paper and it looks so beautiful now. We will stick it in our big Portfolio books. On the carpet, dinosaurs and animal counters were very popular today. We pretended that the Dinosaurs were real and roared ‘GRRRRRR’. Some of us also had fun playing ‘Marbletick’ and we cooperated very well and took turns to play with it. After that we packed away and practiced our songs for the Christmas party. Then we had the Bye-bye party for our friend and ate our yummy snacks followed by a short walk in the park. We came back and had our Phonics session. We split in two groups and enjoyed worked in smaller group for Phonics activities. In one group, Pooja introduced the sound of the week ‘d’ and we suggested various things that begin with ‘d’ like drum, dog, deer, dice, Darren, donuts and more. Then we moved to the table and wrote ‘d’ in our Phonics books and drew a few things that begin with the sound ‘d’. In the other group, Darren reviewed the sounds of various letters to read simple words like van, nest, cliff, gull, wing and fish. Have a great afternoon,

Love Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School