Gym class with Miyashita-sensei

Good morning everyone! What a beautiful Monday and we’re always ready to do and enjoy the activities in our classroom. It’s nice to have our friends and teachers with big smiles on their faces. We believe that when you start your day positively, it would radiate everywhere you go. We all had a wonderful mood and participated in our daily routines and activities. 
    We started our day with some activities on the table. The play dough and its utensils were on the big table and we started molding and sculpting different shapes and figures. Our teachers told us that we could make a birthday cake and share it to everyone. We enjoyed doing it and showed our teachers how good we were in making our own birthday cake. 
    Next, our kitchen area was very busy and we kept offering different meals to our teachers and friends too. One of us took as many food toys as he could and put them in one tray. He sat down beside the teacher and began saying the names of the fruits and vegetables. The apple was quite popular so our teachers told us that they could make apple pie, apple juice and a fruit cake with apples. We were all giggling because we felt that it was really funny on how they cooked their dishes for us. 
    We then went upstairs for Miyashita-sensei’s class. He was full of energy so we’re absolutely thrilled to participate in the session today. We did our stretching, put our arms up and down, walked like the animals that he would tell us to imitate. When we sat down, Miyashita-sensei also told to lie on our tummy and imagined we’re flying like Ampanman. Hence, we put our arms and legs up while our tummies only touched the floor. It was a bit challenging to some but all we enjoyed it in the end. The next task we had was to walk on the line with our arm spread widely. We had to walk slowly and made sure that our feet only touched the line otherwise, we’re going to fall. With the guidance of our teachers, we’re able to perform it easily. Hopefully, we could do it on our own next time. We ended our gym class with the ghost game. In this game, we practiced our gross motor skills especially our lower extremities. All in all, it’s always fun to play with our gym teacher – Miyashita-sensei. Thank you so much!
    We went back to our classroom for our music session. We took our musical instruments like the maracas, mini-megaphone, bells and some noise makers. We always loved singing our Christmas carols and the regular songs that we sing in class. 
    It was running late so we just went to the fish pond. We saw the orange fishes and some of our friends said that they saw two big ones and many baby fishes. John started singing the “5 little fishes” and in the song they mentioned something about the shark so our friends instantly looked in the pond to see if they could find a shark. We’re so glad we didn’t see any. 
    Thank you so much Ohana for a wonderful day. See you all again tomorrow! Have a nice day!
Lots of love,
All the talented children from Buds class 2016-2017


Ohana International School