Show us your big smile!

   Good morning everyone! The weather was nice and Mr. Sun was shining so bright! We came to school with big smiles on our faces and we’re also excited to have a great day with our friends and teachers. After we did our morning jobs, we went straight to our activity tables and started doing our tasks. Making play dough with Sayaka was so much fun because it was really easy to mix and mix all the ingredients. We poured in the flour, cream of tartar and a good amount of water. After that, our teachers helped us to dry the play dough for us to use next week.

   We also got some puzzles on the other table, we tried our very best put the pieces together. It may be a bit challenging for us but eventually we’re able to fix it. We saw the “face”, “cars” and “Winnie-the-Pooh” jigsaw puzzles. Some parts were a bit challenging but we knew that we could do it if we could be very patient with it. Armando was also here to play with us. He’s here to do a trial class and we’re glad that we can have our new friends for today. We took out the Lego trains, lined them up accordingly. We also had some stuffed toys and pretended that we’re taking care of the babies. The kitchen play area was very busy too and we’re cooking and baking with our teachers all the time. We also tried to practice how to use our knives in cutting the toy onigiri and apples.

   Chiaki did the circle time today and she talked about the face parts. Some of our friends said that the picture from the puzzle was her mommy and then we identified each part of the face. We have eyes for seeing, nose for smelling, mouth for eating and talking and ears for listening. We then put the pieces back together and slowly we’re learning how to be able to track the right slots. We then went to the library and read a book with John. We loved the Spot book collection. Hence, we listened attentively. The story was about Spot’s book and we’re so happy to see and expect who’s hiding under the bed, in the drawer and behind the curtains.

   After our wonderful activities in the classroom, we went out to the park. Thankfully, we’re able to come today because it was raining for several days and we’re also busy with the events and activities in our classroom. So, when we arrived, we were able to run and chase our teachers around. Some of our friends from Petals class were all there to play with us. We did a racing game and we’re so happy that we’re able to establish this good rapport with everyone at Ohana.

            Thank you so much for another great day! See you all again on Monday. Have a good weekend!

Lots of love,

All the fantastic children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School