Our Rangoli

We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the wonderful Autumn weather. It was another beautiful (even though a little chilly) day today and we were glad to be inside in the warm for the first part of the morning. On the table we saw lots of new activities today and especially noticed the colored rice and beans we used last week making a ‘Rangoli’ for the New Year Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights) celebration last week. We saw lots of small Rangoli printed on colored paper and decided which design and color we wanted to work on. Using the glue we were able to stick the blue and pink rice onto the paper. When it dries we hope we can take our artwork home without it all falling off. On the second table we saw large sheets of colored paper with our next 6 letters for our Jolly Phonics sessions in the middle. We already had some newspaper and magazine pictures to stick on the paper for our sounds c, k, e, h, r, m and d. We also managed to find some other magazine pictures to add to the sheets too. On the carpet area to day we saw the return of the play ‘Shop’ and  ‘Puppet Theater’ which we haven’t seen in a while as it got broken and needed to be fixed. A nice new addition for the shop were the 3 mini-shopping baskets which look just like the ones we see in shops but about a third of the size. Perfect for our shopping trips. The fruit and vegetables were already separated and we could purchase the items we wanted from our friends at the cash register. After having our yummy snacks we went to the park in the warm sunshine. We only had a few minutes but enjoyed running to the top of the slide and also running. We imagined we were being chased by monsters and used the climbing frame to escape. In gym class we worked in pairs today running and also worked with Miyashita Sensei with some ball skills. We were very good at catching the large ball thrown to us using our arms and hands together. We also practiced returning the ball by throwing it overhand back to Miyashita Sensei. For the game at the end of the gym class we needed to avoid the green ball that Miyashita sensei was rolling at us. If the ball touched us we needed to move away and were ‘out’. It was a lot of fun and we had one winner at the end. We were so lucky as we could try the game twice and had a different winner each time. In circle time we looked at a new book called ‘Never Give Up’ which was a book all about perseverance and how if we keep trying we will eventually be able to do what we set out to do. The example in the book was a dog trying to make a sand castle but several times it was knocked down. Eventually after several tries she managed to succeed. We then had a quick try with a small toy which buzzed and lit up when two wires touched. It was very difficult and we would like to try and improve on this and not give up.

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