Talking about our feelings

It was snowing lightly when some of us arrived this morning but luckily it never stayed for too long and the skies cleared for us to go outside and have a run in the fresh air. We chased our friends and teachers so that we could keep warm and we also ventured on the really high climbing frame and managed to go all the way to the top and down again. Of course we felt really proud of ourselves. We also went on the roller slide and Shelley stood on the end and made a bridge with her legs, which we could go under just before we got off the slide at the bottom. We started off our day singing our “Hello” song and thinking about what makes us sad. We have spoken about what makes us scared and put our remarks up on our display board in the classroom. Today was a little hard for us to think about the feeling “sadness”. The way that Shelley led us into talking about sadness was through singing. After our “Hello” song; “It’s good to see”; “Hokey Pokey” and “I’m looking to see who has a sad face”, she pretended that she was crying. Then one of our friends said that they feel sad because they want their mum and dad. This was the moment to talk about sadness and what makes us sad. We all had a turn to say what we thought made us feel sad, which will go on display as well however we would like to share what our teachers said.

Laura: “When children hit one another” Darren: “When children don’t share” Shelley: “When I feel lonely inside of me”

Some of us find it hard to talk about our feelings but our teachers help us.

Today was Valentine’s Day so we sang our other songs “Love is something” and “I am special”. We did quite a lot of counting and sang one of the numbers of the “Numba Rhumba” song in the elevator. We also do some number activities each day since we go through the days of the week and organize our “Today is…….” chart. We all had a turn to help put something on the chart. We have words, numbers and pictures to choose from. We continued working on our “work in progress” and spent a long time working at the tables today. We did drawings and tracing at the office table and some of us drew on the white board. At the main activity table today we did bead threading on small pipe cleaners which were attached to pink gauze. Some of us threaded two pipe cleaners and some of us did three. When we were finished, we watched Shelley as she attached them to the art work and now it looks like a mixed media which means that there are many things on it, not only paint. It is on display in our room however we are still not finished working on it. Tomorrow some of our friends who were not at school today will work on it and we will add some ribbons to it as well. It looks great; almost like a painting from an art gallery. The colours are soft and the textures give it some feeling as well. When we go home today, we will take our gifts and cards for our families for Valentine’s Day. Shelley thinks that every day we should tell those that we love, how much we love them and that there should not only be one day in the year for expressing “Love”. We are not sure what we will call our painting but will still think about it. On our display board there is a really big word which says “Feelings” as we have documentation up on the board. We will add photos of ourselves with different facial expressions and see if people can guess our feelings when they look at them.

We read a story called “If you give a mouse a cookie”. We also love cookies and thought that the mouse would have been really happy to have eaten a cookie. In the afternoon, while our younger friends were resting all snug under their blankets, upstairs we learnt about the letter “T”. We made the shape with play dough and we cut it out of origami paper. The letter “T” is made up for two lines; one long vertical line and one shorter horizontal line.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and see you all tomorrow.

Love Shelley and Darren