The Last Summer Class Hurrah

Mr. Sun finally visited us on our last day of summer class! What a beautiful weather! It was a bittersweet day in school; we were happy because it will be the start of our summer holiday, and we were also sad because we will miss our friends. So Pooja helped us make some special cards for our friends once we finished our morning jobs; we colored it in, and did our best to write a special message. On the other side of the table, we saw the same bowls we had for yesterday. We tried to transfer the rice grains using a spoon, the peas using a tweezer/ tongs, and the blue liquid using a water dropper. We exercised the small muscles in our hands and arms, and practiced our fine motor skills.

The manipulative table had our nest again, and it was filled with all the leaves and twigs we picked up from yesterday. We played with it, and made sure the eggs were nice and snug in it.

On the carpet we had our crane; this time, we tried to build it on our own. It was very challenging, but we had fun helping each other out. The Play Huts were on the carpet as well, and this time it was filled with balls! Pooja also took out a tent, and she said that it was an “oven”. Hmm… That made us a bit puzzled. What does that mean? But, anyway, we had fun playing inside the tent; we read books and chatted with our friends.

After free play time, Pooja and Sayaka gathered us around in a circle. We discussed about today being our last day, and that we have some friends we will miss, as they have already graduated, and will be off to the big school. We then exchanged hugs and cards filled with the special messages we wrote.

We then had our snack time, and we quickly changed into our swimsuits afterwards. We headed upstairs for our water play- for the last time! We splashed about, played with the colorful plastic balls, and watered the plants. After that it was “Good bye, Ohana pool! Until next summer!”

For circle time, Pooja bought a special book, “Hansel and Gretel”, which Pauline read to us. Hansel was Gretel’s brother; they had to overcome an evil stepmother and witch at the same time. Oh, and the witch wanted to eat Hansel and put him in her oven! Aha! That’s what Pooja meant when she said the tent was like an “oven”! So… that makes the teachers the witches! Eeek! :D Haha, that was so funny. Maybe Mom and Dad can read the story with us over the summer holidays, right? It was such an exciting story!

Like we said, we made the most out of our last day of summer class. It was surely a blast! Now, we are looking forward to our long summer holiday, and until the day when we can see our friends back at Ohana.

See you all soon! Let’s all have the best summer vacation ever!


Pauline, Pooja, Sayaka, and all the energy- filled, fun- loving kids from Petals and Flowers Class :)