Let’s make some jelly

Another great day has gone in Buds class. We’re always thrilled to have our friends and teachers in the classroom. It was always nice to show our friends how we could do our morning jobs easily. Then, our teachers also prepared some wonderful activities for us today. On our activity table, we still had the Tanzaku artwork and Chiaki said that we’re going to celebrate Tanabata tonight. We already finished our Tanabata tree and hung all our Tanzaku with our wishes written on them. We hope that our wishes will come true in the future.  We also had the star art wherein we used the Q-tips to make small dots of yellow and white. It was nice to practice with our fine motor skills. On the other side, Chiaki was also there to make some gelatin for us. We poured the gelatin powder and mixed it with a little water. Then, we put the juice (orange and grape flavored ones) and we combined everything. Our teachers said that we had to let it set for a day so that tomorrow, Hisami will help us to cut them into different shapes. We’re so excited to do this with her.

We went to the pool in the morning and all of us were so joyful to put on our swimming clothes because we knew that it was going to be so much fun playing with the water. As we went inside the office, we saw Maryna and Jen. We said “Hi” and “Good morning” to them. We waited for our teachers as we removed our shoes. Then, we went to the balcony and saw the swimming pool. We couldn’t wait so we just instantly went into the water and started splashing about. Liezel also brought some ocean animal toys and put them all in the water as well. Our teachers got a little wet when we did some splashing and they were glad too when they saw us having a great time today. We spent a good amount of time playing with the water but then it was also about time to go back to our classroom. While we’re waiting for our other friends to get dry, we read, “We’re going on a bear hunt”. After we finished the story, we all went to our classroom and Chiaki led the story time about Tanabata. The story was quite cute because the title of the book was “Tanabata seven”. Tanabata seven was a superhero name and as we went along the story, we realized that he was actually taking us to world of Orihime and Hikoboshi. We talked about how they loved each other so John played some songs about love like the “I love you” song and “Skidamarink”.

We also danced and danced all around until we got tired. Thankfully, we had a hearty lunch and enjoyed eating with our friends and teachers. Thank you so much, Ohana for the fantastic day and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class (Summer School 2016)