Quickly under the covers...............

It was another rainy summer school day today. When we arrived at school, it was not raining however when we sat down for snack time, it was raining. It also makes our teachers change the plan for the day, when this happens but they are used to having to make adjustments to our schedule. We managed to have some time in the park when the rain had stopped even though the sky was still grey. We walked as quickly as we could so that we could have some time to play because the weatherman said that there was a chance of rain all throughout the day. When we arrived at the park, there was so much mud; in fact we thought that it was similar mud to the mud in the “We’re going on a bear hunt” story. When we looked back at the picture in the book, we saw that the mud that they had to go through was much thicker and oozier.

Today we made our two last pages for our books. The second last one was the cave with the bear inside the cave and the last one was the house, which Yukhei designed to pop up, out of our page. We coloured in the walls and the roof and then some of us made a garden around the house, or a park, depending on where we live and what there is, near to our houses. Tomorrow we will take our books home and then be able to read them to our families and relive the bear hunt.

Yesterday our teachers asked us to bring a teddy bear or soft toy to school so that we could have our own special bear hunt. Some of us brought ours to school and our teachers hid them in the classroom. Some of their hiding places today were more challenging and Yurika’s mama bear had the most secretive place of all of our toys. It was right behind the triangle shaped mirror, hiding at the back.

Our teachers tried to help us by saying hot and cold. If we were cold, then we were far away from the hiding place; if we were hot, we were near and if we were on fire, we were right there!

Just before we played the bear hunt game, those of us who brought soft toys, introduced them to our friends. We had a puppy, some teddy bears, a cow, a pink cute ‘bear’, and a rabbit. Some of us are quite attached to our special soft toys so we explained to our friends how much they mean to us and asked them: “If you find my soft toy, please can you give it back to me”. We were all so respectful of our friends wishes and if we found their soft toy, we ran to give it back to them.

We played another fun listening game. First we went around the room to make sure that we knew one anothers names. Instead of singing our good morning song, we just said who we were sitting next to. Shelley would say: “Yurika, who are you sitting next to?” and Yurika would say: “Chloe”, if it was Chloe. We all had a turn and when we were all finished we played this game. Shelley showed us what to do. She hid underneath a large blanket/sheet and Hisami chose one of us to say “Good morning Shelley”. She had to listen carefully and guess who was saying “Good morning Shelley”. We went around the entire class until everyone had their turn.

We laughed a lot and some of us had to repeat “Good morning” because our friends couldn’t hear us so well. We couldn’t see who was saying “Good morning” to us when we were hiding underneath the blanket/sheet.

Thanks for a fun day in summer school. Shelley left early as she had to go and teach English at Komaba. We will see you all tomorrow for our last day of “We’re going on a bear hunt”.

Love from all the children in summer school