Yellow and black

Thank you, Mr. Sun for shining so bright. After the whole day rain yesterday, it’s nice that today was filled with positive energy. As we bid goodbye to our parents, we did our morning jobs and listened to our teachers’ instructions every time we tend to forget what we’re supposed to do. Slowly, we are growing and learning the routines and things that we needed to do in our classroom. On our activity tables, we had the Mr. Potato head and the magnetic fishes. We stayed there for a long time just to experiment and discover what else we can do it with them. We also had some Lego trains on the carpet area and we definitely loved connecting them all just to make a bigger structure. The library was also pretty busy because most of our favorite books were out on the shelf so we chose the books that we liked to see.

Sayaka led the art activity and we saw yellow and black paint. We all thought that we’re going to use our paintbrush but we didn’t see any of them on our table. Then, Sayaka told us that we’re going to do handprint stamping. We really love using our hands to paint and we got very excited to use our hands now. We made many lines of yellow and black paint and then we stamped and stamped until the paper was filled with bees. Thank you, Sayaka for this interesting art!

After our free play time, we went to the park with our friends and teachers. We took advantage of the good weather and we just loved having our snacks there. We sat under the shade of leaves beside the bench and we ate all of ourDSCN9891 food. We were very hungry and finished most of our food snacks. We requested our teachers if we could start playing and then we all ran towards the slide and sand box area and enjoyed every minute being there. We were also on an expedition of discovering more about roly poly. We noticed that every time we touched the roly poly, it curled up to protect itself from harm. It was another amazing discovery that we saw from our nature. Hence, this is the reason why we always want to go to the park.

When we came back at Ohana, we listened to different Japanese songs that Sayaka played on our speakers.  We were dancing and moving around the classroom. Then, she brought out a book about bees. She explained about what they eat, the different types of bees and how they communicate with each other. As we have learned before, bees ate nectar from flowers. There are also soldier bees, worker bees and Queen bee. The Queen bee is the biggest of them all because she needs to lay eggs for producing baby bees. They also used their antennae when they want to talk to their friends. They can send signals to tell others that they have found some nectar from a flower so that others can eat too. Our last activity was finding toys to categorize them according to their colors. We had the yellow and black construction paper on the floor. We did all of it slowly but surely. Thank you so much, Sayaka for this wonderful task that we did for our  circle time.

Thank you so much, Ohana for the great day and see you all again tomorrow. Have a good day!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016