Our birthday play dough

Slide2It is a rainy day again. We started our day with a great smile and everyone is surely excited to be here in Buds class. Our classroom is also filled with wonderful activities that we have on our morning activity tables. So, most of our friends were so excited to play with our play dough and the “threading and lacing” materials. Also, we found some wooden blocks on the carpet and the little sliding toys. One of our friends was so interested that he spent a lot of time playing with them. On our special activities, we still made the handprint and the face art. Some of our friends were not able to finish it so they had their chance today. It was so fascinating that we really know where to put the right face parts in the right places. One of us said that he enjoyed the handprint flowers. This time, we used white, red and blue.

After finishing the artworks, we went to our play dough table. We made a birthday cake because we found out that one of our friends has a birthday today. We sang him the “Happy birthday” song and his face showed us that he really likes celebrating his birthday with his friends. We made different kinds of cake, ice-cream, and those little pop cakes. On the other part of the classroom, we took out some musical instruments and tried to sing the common songs we learned with our teachers and friends.

In our circle time, we sang songs about the weather, how we feel today and calling our friends’ names. We then took out our face parts cards and we began sorting them out. We did put on the parts one by one until we made a funny face. It was funny because some of us put the parts in different places thus it was a bit silly to look at. We then sang “one little finger” and “hokey pokey” song. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful learning experience. See you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016