The Lava Art and last day of summer school!

DSCN2124Hello Friday! Thank you so much for the wonderful times that we had during the summer school. We met so many new friends and we’re all excited to play with them every day. We started off our day with so much energy. DSCN2126We took out some musical instruments and began to play with so much interest. Lucy got the big drum and made sure that she has the drumsticks as well. Yurika was also very enthusiastic in playing the shape drum but she had a different way of playing it. She put the drum on her head and danced like a ballerina. She can be very adventurous sometimes and it was definitely a nice time to watch and observe her during play time. Sofia was so busy with her dinosaur play. She took out her favorite dinosaurs and she said that these dinosaurs were hers and Zach’s. She then found a big brachiosaurus and joined it in with the rest of the gang. Her imagination is surely DSCN2127fantastic! Afterwards, some of our friends requested that they wanted to put the princess dresses that we have in our dramatic play area. So, our teachers helped us out to don the dresses and we truly felt like we’re princesses DSCN2132from Disney. Lucy got the colorful flowers and pretended that she’s holding them while dancing with her friends. Nanako taught us how to dance like a beautiful princess. We had some little ballet lessons. One of her ways in teaching us the right stance was putting our feet together but our toes should be separated, we then made a diamond with our legs and bent our knees up and down.  We also raised our hands and imagined that we were holding an egg. But the egg suddenly dropped and we had to put our hands down and catch it. So basically, we were doing DSCN2133the basic postures of ballet while moving our hands and feet. For our special activity, we made the lava art! First, we learned all the materials that we used. We saw the glue, red food coloring, glitters and shaving cream. We mixed all the ingredients and we passed the tray one by DSCN2139one to have an opportunity to mix and enjoy making our lava! Of course, we have to be guided by our teachers so as not to pour a lot in the tray. The only challenging part was to push the top button of the shaving cream. However, when we saw Yurika did the pressing, a lot of cream came out. She really had a good grip at things. All of us were so fascinated by the contents of our tray so we mixed and mixed all the way until everything turned shiny and fluffy pink.

In our circle time, we used our favorite magical scarves. Since we talked about the lava, we imagined DSCN2140making our own volcanoes using the scarves. We put them on our faces and blew up in the sky and it magically floated in the air and slowly down on the floor. We also thought of many things that we can do with our scarves.DSCN2151 For example, we made a watch, hat, necklace and many, many more.

We went upstairs for our pool activity again. It was so amazing how each of us got to play together. Thank you, Darren for lending us the pool.  Everybody had a great summer because of it. Maki came and helped us out today. Thank you for coming Maki! We really loved being with you. After our pool, we went downstairs to sing and play more music with our friends and DSCN2152teachers.

Thank you so much for your support! On behalf of the Ohana family, we are so grateful and happy to have your children here in Buds class. We definitely love to welcome you again for our next school year. Summer DSCN2153school is over now but the Ohana adventures will still remain in our hearts. Stay imaginative and creative all the time! We all love you and have a fun summer!

Lots of love,

John, Nanako, Toshiki