Where is our treasure chest?

IMG_0118It was raining when we came to school this morning. Lena arrived at school happily because her dad was with her today. Jennifer was a bit sad because her brother William was absent. He didn’t feel very well this morning. Some of us brought swimming gears and ready for the pool, but the rain was on and off so we stayed inside all day today.As soon as Koh saw treasure map on the big table, he couldn’t wait to start making it. After his teacher’s reminder, he wrote his first name and family name very nicely on the sign-in sheet. Well done Koh chan! Our today’s activity the treasure map making was fun. We first got to choose some stickers. There were lots of pirates’ and sea creatures’ stickers. We used silver or red stickers to make the path to the treasure chest. We also made sure to add a compass on our map. There were pirate ship toys and many books about pirates to see, so we could draw a nice ship too. Our map was not completed yet. All the maps we saw in the books looked old and dirty. So, our teachers suggested that we needed to crumple our map! We all hesitated to scrunch our map first, but once we started it was IMG_0143actually a fun activity. We also dropped brown water color on to our map with a dropper to make it look like old. Lisa wanted to keep her map nice and flat, so she crumpled her paper little bit but IMG_0123didn’t use brown water. Jessica on the other hand, she even tore the corner of her map just like the one in the book.After snack time, Ayaka showed us a big pirate history book. Each page had a letter or a map in the pocket. The book showed many kinds of pirate ships, flags and weapons. In the book, we also found Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Jennifer knew it was from Disney movie. Many of us have been to Disneyland so we shared our fun memories. Ayaka started to hum a tune of Yo Ho song, but she didn’t know the lyrics. Jennifer told us that it goes “Yo ho Yoho a pirate’s life for me.” So we all hummed and sang Yoho song. Liezel read “Captain Duck” book. Captain duckIMG_0149 wasn’t a pirate but he was saying “Ahoy there, sailors!” We all enjoyed both books.After book time, IMG_0151we separated two groups. One group started to make pirate hat with big black paper. Other children used toilet rolls to make telescope or binoculars. Then we swapped and finished all the pirate accessories. Each of us got a hat, telescope or binoculars, map, and treasure chest.Now it was treasure hunting game time! First, Liezel wore her hat and eye patch and needed to close her eyes. Ayaka hid our treasure box under our costume hanger. Then Liezel looked her map and tried to find the treasure chest. She checked everywhere and finally found the treasure chest. WeIMG_0177 all laughed because Liezel was keep checking wrong place.Liezel gave us special pirate tattoo reward at last. We also took a group photo with all our pirate accessories. Thus, our treasure IMG_0181hunting succeeded! Thank you for another fun day everyone.