Milky night with the chance of rainbow rain (and the Moon Craft)

DSCF7579It was raining and we couldn’t go to the park, but we had so much fun inside the class! When we came in this morning, we saw BBs, sparkles, star shaped buttons, and plastic strings on the table with black paper. We used our glue to stick all the materials to make a nice milky DSCF7580way. We dipped some materials in the glue, and used spatulas for DSCF7583other materials. Tokutaro decided to line up the BBs, while Jessica gathered them in one spot to make it look like a small galaxy. Jeremy put BBs on a big drop of glue, which looked like a fried egg floating in the universe! Riko and Wesley finished writing their wishes on the strips. Wesley wants to be a Daddy, and Riko wants to be a Princess! DSCF7591After snack, we stayed inside and played with colored balls and tunnels!DSCF7572

We enjoyed throwing balls or just sitting in the pool of balls. Soon, Jessica and Gaby figured out that it would be easier to use our hats to collect balls rather than using just our hands. Then the boys decided to use an empty trash bin to collect the balls and throw all the balls in the air. It looked like we had rainbow colored rain raining in our class! Then we decided to collect just one color at a DSCF7596time. Jeremy, Tokutaro, Wesley and Jessica made a bucket train and went around in a circle to collectDSCF7592 all red, blue, orange or green balls while singing a song Tokutaro made up. After cleaning up all the balls in the room, which we did by color, Mr. Bill held a little contest for us. We all picked up three balls, and tried to shoot them in the trash bin. Mr. Bill and Liezel won by shooting two balls in! (We think it wasn’t very fair, since they were grownups…)

DSCF7597After that we all sat at the table, and read a book called “Daddy, will you get me the moon?” by Eric Carle. The book was very big, it was longer then our arms image1spread out. We learned that the moon will get smaller until it disappears, and will grow back again, and that it has a different name depending on what shape the moon is. Then we had an experiment. We poured milk in a tray and put a few drops of black food coloring in it. When we dipped the cotton buds into our magic liquid (we didn’t know that the magic liquid was actually dish soap) the milk and food image2coloring moved around, in the tray trying to get away from the cotton buds. It was interesting because no matter how much milk and food coloring moved, they never mixed completely.image4

Then we made our moon by marbling. We filled our container with water about half way, and dropped marbling ink on a piece of paper. Then we stirred the ink gently before placing our cut out moons on the liquid. When we placed the white image5circle paper gently, and took it out of the water, we saw a white moon in the middle of our black circle sky. We each got to choose the shape of our moon, so some of us used full moon (which we kept calling “circle”J), half-moon(which we IMG_8514kept calling “half-circle”J), and crescent.

We hope the rain will stop soon, so we can look up into the sky, to see some stars and the moon in different shapes…

Have a great afternoon,

All our love, Maki, Liezel, and Bill