Dancing like stars and Welcome Shaya!

DSCN0995What a fabulous Friday! We are so happy to be here at Ohana because we have a new friend today. Her name is Shaya but she’s just going to be with us for one day because they will be leaving on Monday as well. Shaya was a good friend of Sofia. Fia, Shaya’s sister was also in Petals class for one-day school. Yurika was the first one who came to our class. She went to ourDSCN0997 activity tables and she did some lacing with her teachers. Yuu-kun was very focused in playing with his train. He likes to connect the train and moves it around the classroom. Sofia took the dolls and played with the doll house. She likes to pretend that the dolls were able to speak too. During our circle time, we sang our “good morning song”. We love to call our friends and we love to welcome Shaya in our class. Yuu DSCN1003was smiling all the time because he loves to sing with his friends. At first, he was just looking and observing and he eventually opened up like a beautiful flower. Taiga was very good in swaying and shaking his body. He never fails to amuse everyone with his antics. Rei was proudly telling everyone her name and so we greeted her with a big “good morning Rei!” With the small number of Buds class right now, we feel that weDSCN1007 are getting to know each other a bit more. We sang the ABC song and Shaya immediately gave us a big smile. And then, John took out Mr. Doggy and Mr. Monkey. They are best of friends and love to play together. However, one day, Mr. Doggy brought a book for him to share with Mr. Monkey. When it was time to read, Mr. Monkey grabbed the book from him and he said, “Let me read it first”. Mr. Doggy strongly said, “No, it is my book and I want to go first”. They pulled both ends of the book until it was DSCN1014ripped apart. The lesson we learned was, we always share our toys and books with one another. It is the only way to enjoy our playtime more if we always cooperate and love each other.

We then moved on with our dancing activity with Nanako and Sayaka. We thank both of them for being very niceDSCN1025 and patient to us. We danced to the tune of “Summer Nights” from the movie “Grease”. First, the girls practiced their dance steps and then followed by the boys. And finally, we all danced together with our own actions. It was great to feel that we could actually have fun while doing the dance moves.

DSCN1032We went to the park. And Sofia’s brother, Zachary, came there too. Sofia played with her brother all the time and it was a super experience for her to play with her brother at the park. Thank you so much Ohana for such an awesome experience. Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.DSCN1033

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Nanako