Happy Birthday Teachers!

DSCF7466Today we celebrated four teacher’s birthdays together in Buds Class. The teachers have their birthdays over the summer months and so we celebrated them all together this morning. We had already made cards for the teachers and did lots of drawing and writing on the cards for them. On the tables this morning we saw some white paper clay, a rolling pin, two pieces of wood and some letter stamps. We were going to make some ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ handprints with theDSCF7467 paper clay. First we needed to roll the paper clay out into a flat sheet. We put the two pieces of wood onto the table and then using the rolling pin we started to smooth out the paper clay. The piece of wood on either side allowed us to get the paper clay DSCF7472the same thickness all the way across. We then pushed one hand into the clay and pressed down nice and hard to leave our own handprints. We then used the small letter stamps to add our own names to the prints. Once the paper clay has dried we will look at painting and mounting it. The teachers took it to the 3rd floor to put it out in the sunshine to dry. Next to the art clay work were the wooden blocksDSCF7482 and the card outlines. Kosei had a try and made a wonderful helicopter picture with the blocks. After packing away the toys we looked at the calendar DSCF7485and then got ready to go to Buds class to see our friends and our teachers. When we got to Buds class we saw that many of our friends were already there. John, Liezel, Goh San and Sharee all had special places to sit and we sang happy birthday to them and also gave them the beautiful cards we had made. It was then time for the teachers to blow out their candles. We all counted and then there was a huge puff and all the candles went out. After eating our yummy DSCF7489snacks we got ready to go to the park. It was very hot in the park and we drank DSCF7492lots of water today. When we got back to the classroom we played a special game with music and our famous stars cards. First Maki showed us the famous people / character cards and then we walked in a circle on the small round rugs. One piece of special gold paper was hidden under the mat. When the music stopped we all looked under the mats we were standing on and if we had the gold paper under there we could choose a famous character card and then act out some of their words or actions to see if our friends could guess who was on the card DSCF7494correctly. Have a great afternoon,

All our love Maki & Darren.