We made our very own drums and kazoo!

DSCN0727Hello beautiful Tuesday! The bright sun is up and we’re here for another great adventure at Ohana. We started our morning with Sharee being in our class. Yurika came first and it was so nice to know that she’s very comfortable now with her teachers and friends. She can play with anyone who’s in the classroom DSCN0743and this only shows that she has developed self-confidence and social interaction at school. Sharee’s daughter, Michaela, paid us a visit and she played with Yurika for a long while. Thank you for visiting Michaela. Our playtime was also good. We saw some puzzles that we can work on and play dough which was Yurika’s favorite toy. On the other table, we had some materials forDSCN0733 our special drums and kazoos. Yurika and Sofia were so interested that they asked their teachers to help them out with the art activities. Yurika found the different accessories and she started saying the shapes that she could see in the tray. For example, she would say, “it’s a butterfly…”, “it is a blue heart…” and so on. Sofia was telling her teachers that she likes circle and triangle to put on her drums. It was very amazing how we are learning shapes while having fun, wasn’t it? Next, we got some tissue rolls and we DSCN0736began coloring them for our kazoo. After that, our teachers helped us to put the colorful tissues on one end with a rubber band. They also showed us how to use by just making a sound in the hole. We spent several minutes by just making funny sounds and it was very interesting.

During our circle time, Anneke, Yurika and Sofia were actively playing with our drums. We made different rhythmic patterns. We needed DSCN0737more practice but it was amazing because we were so confident in playing our own instruments. Anneke liked the drum as well. She’s very enthusiastic in making sounds. Slowly, she’s becoming more and more familiar with her surroundings, DSCN0740teachers and friends. Great job, Anneke! After that, we went to Petals class so that we can interact more with them too. We also had our circle time, snack time and park time with them.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience again. We are always happy at Ohana and we hope to see and experience more summer adventures here. We are very excited for tomorrow, we think that our teachers will be doing a science experiment for us.

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Sharee