Welcome Anneke and Griffin!

DSCN0525            Hello Tuesday! It was a rainy day but we still had a great time. Today, we have new friends that we have in Buds class. We welcome Griffin and Anneke. They are both amazing kids and we love them being here. Sharee, from Flowers class, came down with us. She is such a good teacher and very patient. She had a DSCN0526great time singing and dancing with us in the morning. We started our day playing with our favorite toys in the classroom. Yurika loves the small cabinet where she always found the plastic flowers in different colors. Sofia came and she started getting the necklace and toy phones in the container. For Griffin and Anneke, it was a new DSCN0534environment for them and it may take time to get used to what we do in Buds class. But even today, they showed that they were having fun in the classroom. Griffin really loves the fire engine and he moved it around the classroom like there’s a new adventure waiting for him. During our circle time, we sang the “Good morning song”, “The rainy day song”, “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” and “Itsy, bitsy spider”. And DSCN0548then, our teachers gave us the balls (basketball, football and tennis ball). Sofia got the football, Yurika got the tennis ball, Rupert shared the small basketball with Anneke. It was so amazing to dance and sing with our song, “I have a basketball”. We surely had a good time entertaining one another. Also, we learned the different words by just singing and playing. Yurika couldn’t stop dancing and Sofia was also singing with glee. Anneke was listening first but she was also dancing to the music. Today, we also read a DSCN0564story about “Jacky’s tennis ball”. Rupert seemed to like the story for he pointed at the tennis ball in the pond.

After the story time, we also made the basketball art. We saw the prepared construction paper and we pasted the DSCN0565basketballs foams around. Rupert enjoyed it so much because he always told his friends and teachers that “he did it”. Sofia also felt satisfied with her work and she loved showing it to her friends as well. When she’s done, she told her teachers, “I am finished!”

We can’t go to the park today but we still love being in the classroom. We did our second circle time and we sang our “Gentle Hands song”. We DSCN0570also met the puppet friends that we have in the classroom - Mr. Monkey and Ms. Dog. We are so happy to know that they can also teach us about friendship and using our gentle hands. We know that we have to play and interact with our friends with gentle hands.

It was a fun day! Thank you so much Ohana friends and teachers. We are always looking forward for a new learning experience and fun adventure. Rainy season is coming so we suggest you to bring umbrellas and wear your raincoat and rain boots. Please don’t forget to label them with the children’s names. Thank you again and have a great day!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Sharee