Summer Sports

DSCF6966Today was our first day of Summer School 2015. This week we are looking at the theme of ‘Sports’ and had lots of exciting activities today around this theme. In the morning when we first arrived we got on with our morning jobs: signing our names, choosing a job, unpacking our snacks and lunch etc. It was a little more tricky today as the classroom has changed. Many of the pieces of furniture, carpets and toys have all moved or been replaced with new things. We searched the classroom and eventually found the sign in table and jobs board in the back of the classroom. OneDSCF6970 of the activity tables had been moved to the play area and we saw on the table 2 DSCF6972rackets, a small net and ping-pong balls. We played ping-pong with our friends. It was a little tricky as the table tennis bats were so small. On the main activity table we saw a big bag of plastic bottles, some tape, glue, some decoration to put in the bottles and some markers. Ayaka showed us how to make a colorful bowling pin using the bottles and when the glue dries tomorrow we will try them out with a ball. Kai joined us today along with Bill and he soon settled in and began to work on his morning jobs. Kai and Bill didn’t have a placemat to use at snack andDSCF6988 DSCF7008lunchtime and so their first task was to make one. They used colored markers and some small animal stamps on their placemats. Nile was very interested in the ‘Science’ table and together with the teachers we tried the microscope to look at some small sea urchin eggs. It was very tricky trying to see them but we kept trying. After packing away the toys we got ready for snack time and then headed for the park. It was very warm outside and we went immediately to the fenced area to have a running race with our friends. We also tried some DSCF7016skipping, running backwards and running sideways which was lots of fun. After we got back from the park we had DSCF7015our last gym class with Miyashita Sensei. It was a lot of fun doing some familiar exercise and games as well as some new ones. We tried balancing, reverse somersaults, jumping and stretching and finished off with some play Sumo wrestling. Thank you Miyashita Sensei. Together with Ayaka we then did a nice circle time thinking of some ball sports and came up with: Bowling, Ping-Pong, Soccer, Basketball and Baseball. Liezel then read a book DSCF7030to us called the Hokey Pokey which used our left and right parts of our bodies. It was a lot of fun and we then stood up to try the actions and even had some actions of our own to try out. DSCF7017 Have a great afternoon,

All our love, Darren, Ayaka Liezel and BillDSCF7036DSCF7034