Welcome to Buds class, Alexa!

??????????Today, we would like to welcome Alexa to Buds class. This beautiful girl had a great time in Ohana. She was very quiet and calm and she always observed everything around her. She is very cooperative and she likes art. When she came to class, she saw that there were some coloring pages on the table and she instantly went there and colored the paper with posca markers. Some of our friends came eventually and we helped Alexa with?????????? the art activity. We learned from our teachers that the man with the stethoscope was the doctor and the girl playing the guitar was the musician. Leanne said the word “doctor” repeatedly. And she was definitely enjoying using the markers to color the drawings. After our morning activities, we went to our rooftop garden beside the office again. We are all very excited because we knew that we were going to water the plants again. Nikolas and Lisa quickly got their cups and started pouring water in the flower pots. Alexa was also happy to take care of our garden. Chloe patiently waited for her turn because we didn’t have enough cups for everyone. It was not really sunny but we have to help the plants grow. We are Buds class and we always help someone or something in need.

??????????               The watering cans were not enough but we tried our best to make our cups useful for the flowers. All of us were calling out Maki to give us more water because we really enjoyed seeing the plants and flowers grow in the future.

In our circle time, we did the usual routine. We talked about our feelings, sang the songs we like and danced with the music. And then, we listened to the story of a child who was sick. So, her mom needed to take her to the doctor. The book taught us more about what the doctor does to help?????????? her sick patient. It was very interesting because it also happened to us every time we needed to have a check-up. The doctors we know are all good and of course, in our book, she was very gentle and helpful.

We continued painting on our foil art. Alexa enjoyed it very much. Ritsuka and Chloe were also very concentrated with their art work. Chloe learned a new word today. She said “paintbrush” for several times. She knew that she was using it for her painting. Nikolas couldn’t stop asking questions about his art. He always asked “What color is it?” And our teachers always replied “It is red/yellow/blue.”

??????????             Before we went to the park, John brought a toy medical tool box from Flowers class. He showed us a stethoscope - the thing that is being used for hearing what is inside your body. We saw a little plastic tube as well from the box and our teachers said?????????? that it was a syringe. Lisa was happy to use the syringe on John. Alexa, Leanne, Kaia and Ritsuka tried to use the syringe too. Sofie said that she wanted to try it again and again. And our teachers said that we’re going to have a chance of playing with it again tomorrow. We all want to be doctors!

??????????             It was Alexa’s first time to be with us at the park. She did very well today and we hope to see and play with her more every ??????????day.

Yurika couldn’t stop looking at the flowers too! Thank you Ohana!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki