Welcome Gaby

DSCF4290This morning we welcomed our new friend Gaby to flowers class. Gaby started off doing her morning jobs and learning where to put things. Once she had done her jobs she began making her own placemat for snack and lunchtime. On the main table Eito, Jennifer, Kosei and Marc all worked like carpenters today. There was a small white table which had 3 wobbly legs which needed fixing. The legs were held on with screws and firstly we needed to remove them with our screwdriver. This was a little hard at first but we soon got them out. Once the screws were removed the legs came off. The holes for the screws were a little too big and also the frame needed support. DSCF4291Kosei got to work dowelling the DSCF4292holes while Marc helped cut and drill some supporting blocks for the corners. On the second table Jennifer continued the group weaving with yarn and beads that her friends started yesterday. She soon got the hang of it and together we have made about 8 centimeters of weaving. Next to the weaving Adam and Tokutaro played chess on the wooden chess board with the pawns9foot soldiers) and the rooks (castle) as these are the easiest DSCF4294pieces to remember the moves for. After packing away the toys and having snack it was time for Eito’s ‘Show & Tell’. Eito’s friends guessed what he DSCF4302had brought to show them but they couldn’t see it yet. Eito had brought along two photos, some cards, play money and a gold coin from ‘Kidzania’. Eito told us he went to Kidzania last week with his brother and sister and had a good time as a firefighter, a pizza chef and construction worker. He went around showing all his friends his map and photos. He answered lots of questions about his trip and told us his favorite activity was dressing up as a firefighter. Thank you Eito for your DSCF4303special show & tell. Great Job!! We headed for the park and enjoyed using the sand DSCF4304toys and playing soccer in the fenced area. There were a few spots of rain in the air and so we had to come back a few minutes early and arrived just as the rain started falling more heavily luckily. In circle time we looked at a book titled ‘What people do all day’ which showed lots of people at work. Some of them we knew such as the doctor and dentist but some of them were new such as the eye doctor, dressmaker and hair salon. We then started telling the teachers what we wanted to be when we grow up. The teachers made a big list but a few of us are still deciding what weDSCF4309 DSCF4310want to be: Jessica-Florist, Kosei-Police Officer, Eito-Firefighter, Tokutaro-Race Car Driver, Olivia-Ballet Teacher, Jennifer-Physicist, Jeremy-Taxi Driver, Marc-Mechanic, Arata-Doctor, Lucinda-Dentist, Riko-Optician, Nile-Dressmaker, and Adam-Race Car Driver. Have a great afternoon, stay warm.DSCF4319

All our love, Darren, Nanako and Sharee