My Family

??????????Hello Friday! The Buds are here to have a great adventure once again. Lisa instantly went to find the fire truck and Nikolas was trying to call her “Lisa, Lisa, Lisa” when she was playing. It’s such a good thing that they are becoming more familiar with each other. On our activity tables, we saw that Sofia was drawing on the art paper. She was doing a round motion and then she would say “circle”. It was very nice to know that she remembered how to draw a circle like last time. Chloe made her placemat that she’s going to use every day in Buds class. And Taiga started ripping the pink paper and he learned how to stick it on the heart shape origami. This month’s topic was all about our family. First, we sang some greeting ??????????songs. This way, we all had our chance of saying good morning to our friends. After that, John showed us a broken book and he briefly discussed that we need to take care of the things that we have in the class especially the books and toys. We saw that the pig’s picture was taken off from the flip-flap photos and the pig felt so sad. John showed how the pig’s face looked and we felt sad as well. So, we hope all of us would remember that, because Buds class’s belongings are all important for us.

??????????               Then, we noticed that our teachers showed us some finger puppets of a family. We saw mommy, daddy, sister, brother and baby. We also sang the Finger Family song. Sofia, Rei, and Yurika were so active in singing the songs and we repeated it for several times.

Yurika’s life book was also there and we saw how beautiful her family is. We saw her daddy, mommy, grandma, grandpa, uncles and aunts. They have been to so many places. They went to France, around Japan, Disneyland and etc. All of us gathered around and we all felt that Yurika has a lovely family. We also have our own daddies and mommies and we are so proud to show everyone. We can’t wait for that day to come.

After our morning circle, we then proceeded with our art activities. Today, we ??????????have to complete our Face Art. So John took some of us to work on it. We learned the parts of the face. So, I learned more about myself. I can tell where my eyes are now, where my nose and mouth are and my hair. He showed us a sample of the artwork and some of the Buds made their own version of it. It was time to get creative and we all love being creative with our work. While waiting for their turn, Taiga and Yurika played with the slide boat quietly. They loved it when the boats were hitting the bells and made a sound. And Rei was reading a book all by herself and she was muttering sounds all the time.

??????????              We went to the park and we saw our friends again from other schools. They were also so nice to lend their toys in the sand box. Our teachers brought some balls for us too. It was really fun to see how we loved to play with our balls, Taiga was so confident in kicking it to Kaia because he knew that Kaia would kick it back to him. Chloe, Nikolas and Lisa were so busy digging and making a mountain in the sand box and it was nice to know that they are all getting along fine. Nikolas can now play with other friends for he likes to interact with them all the time.

Thank you so much again Ohana for the wonderful experience that we’re ??????????always having. Hope that we will grow more so that we can experience lots of fun things and activities together. Have a very great weekend and see you all on Monday.

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki