Spaghetti Fiesta

??????????Good morning everyone! To start our day, we did a lot of playtime activities in class. Our teachers prepared some easel painting, play dough sculpting, Lego building and kitchen dramatic play. Yurika was the first one to try the easel painting. Amazingly, she held her paintbrush like she has been painting pictures before. Sofie was also patiently painting inside the circle. Our teachers told to be very careful with our strokes so as to avoid painting outside the line. At kitchen play area, Dominik was busy showing his friends the circle he built with Lego blocks. He was so happy to see Haruto today and he told him to stay with him all the time. Haruto then went to our art table to start kneading the dough with a rolling pin. ??????????   During our circle time, we listened to John’s puppet story about Lloyd the lion and Frankie the frog. Both were best friends, Frankie as the gentle friend and Lloyd as the one who sometimes gets into trouble. While Frankie was busy playing with his toy, Lloyd went and took his toy away. Frankie cried because he wanted to play with it. Lloyd the lion not only took away his toy, he didn’t use his gentle hands and Frankie, again, was not so ??????????happy about it. Later on, Lloyd realized that he also didn’t want to see his best friend cry. He eventually apologized for what he did and they decided to play together. As part of our social development, we learned that we always have to use our “gentle hands” to play with other kids. We are all a family and we like to make everyone feel comfortable in class. So, we will use our hands to hug and help our friends. After hearing the wonderful story, we sang “Skidamarink”. Every time we sing this, it gives us the feeling to hug, love and support each other. Hence, the Buds showed their gentle hands and gave each other a warm and big hug. Kaia and Lisa were so glad to do this that they even went around the circle just to give us a hug. Lisa was hugging Yurika tightly and she touched her with gentleness and love. It was truly fascinating how we could pick it up fast. Good job!


?????????? Today, we had a fun spaghetti fiesta art too. In this activity, we used spaghetti noodles mixed with the tempera paint. Our teachers had to cook the pasta first and cool it down with cold water so that it wouldn’t be so sticky. We put the paint without too much water. It should have the right consistency and thickness. We had three bowls of spaghetti paint. We told our teachers what they were; RED, GREEN and YELLOW. Sofie, Kaia and Dominik knew all the colors. And the young ones tried their best to ??????????recognize them. We were given a big piece of paper and then we had to use our index finger and thumb to make sure we got the right amount. We could also use our hands if we wanted to get more creative but we have to think about our other friends who would like to use more too. We had to be considerate. Kaia, Sofie, Dominik and Haruto did well. They delicately put some colored noodles on their paper and then they slowly got one color at a?????????? time. They could also mix them but they have to be careful so that they won’t spill on the floor. Yurika took a whole bunch and spread all over her paper. Surprisingly, her artwork was very nice and the way she mixed colors was just outstanding. It was fun and our teachers said that we needed to dry our paintings so we had to wait before we put them on display.

??????????We went to the park. We thought it was going to rain because we somehow felt little raindrops on our faces. Fortunately, it didn’t rain and we still enjoyed our time with our wonderful friends. Lisa was so happy to be on the swing. She was even asking her teachers, “help me, please” that meant they needed to push her swing more.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience again! See you all again tomorrow! Have a nice day!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki