Let's make origami

??????????It was a bit early that the Buds came to our classroom. Ritsuka and Nikolas started playing with the fire truck and connecting blocks. Leanne and Sofie also got some toys from the doll house while Lisa was busy playing with the animals. When Dominik arrived, he did his ??????????morning jobs and went straight to find this little white car and then he would push it around and say, “There…there…there...white car!” We also did some finger plays today. Buds ??????????were singing joyfully and acted out the songs with their teachers. We sang, “Open, shut them, Itsy bitsy spider, the Wheels on the bus, the ten little Indians and many more”. Dominik’s mom and Rei’s mom came to our classroom and we greeted both of them warmly. We love seeing visitors in our class.

On our table, we found animals in the zoo. But wait! These were not just plastic toys but they were origami. Dominik’s mom made it just for us. ??????????Our teachers showed us the different animals in the zoo. And Sofie instantly recognized one and said, “It’s a panda!” Leanne mentioned that there was also a penguin. And our teachers helped us with the other animals such as the peacock, penguin, monkey, kangaroo and elephant.

??????????  We sat around the table and both of our mommies showed us how to make origami. First, Dominik’s mom showed us how to make a cup. She asked us to get which colored paper we like to have. While making the cup, Dominik’s mom told us that we needed to fold our paper into half like a mountain. Then, we needed to fold both ends of the mountain from outside to inside. When we had this pentagon-shaped paper, we had to?????????? get the tip of the mountain and fold both sides down. This time it looked like a trapezoid but if we would be opening the inside, you could see that we have our cup. But of course, we couldn’t use this for drinking.

After the cup origami, Eriko and Miyuki taught two more origami. One was the dog and the ??????????other one was the wallet. While doing the dog origami, Haruto and Dominik were trying to do their best to follow Eriko. With her guidance, they were able to do some paper folds on their paper. Miyuki was very patient with our children. And we felt that they can also be teachers in Buds. Lastly, the wallet origami was pretty cool. We just had to fold it like a door and then fold it half again and etc. It was easier than the other two. Rei was always showing her origami to her teachers. She was so proud of her accomplishment. Also, Eriko brought out some play money that we could put in our wallet. We became instant millionaires with so much money we ??????????have.

They have presented Japan pretty well for Buds class. And of course, we had to thank them so we went to our circle and sang a beautiful “Thank you song” for them. Thank you so much for the time and the special origami that you did for us.

??????????We also received some beautiful necklaces made by Miyuki as well. Dominik and Rei helped their moms to distribute the gifts. And we all said “thank you very much”. We bid goodbye to our amazing moms. They have made us even happier today!

At the park, we saw the whole Ohana family again! Lisa and Nikolas have settled in well and so they started playing with us all the time. Lisa was actually following Kaia and she was even calling her, “Kaia,Kaia”. Leanne was quietly playing in the sand box. She even asked?????????? her teachers to go with her to the slide. On our way back to school, she was singing one of the songs from Classic Annie which was “Tomorrow”. She really liked this song and maybe we can also learn this in Buds class. Lisa, Sofie and Rei were also trying to imitate Leanne too.

??????????Thank you so much again teachers and friends for the great day! And we always look forward to stay and be with all of you at Ohana! See you tomorrow!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka and Maki