Valentines Cupcakes

DSCF3373This morning when we arrived in class there was so much red and pink on the activity table. When we looked closely we saw there was a lot of pink paper folded like cards along with the hearts we made from origami paper earlier in the week. Today we were going to make Valentine’s Day cards for our loved ones. We startedDSCF3377 off by using some letter stamps with a red stamp pad to make the words ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ at the top of the card. We needed to be a little careful to use the stamps the right way around. We then used some glue to attach the origami heart to the front of the card. On the table DSCF3385were some strips of red paper and some shape cutters. When we put the paper into the cutters and pushed the button on the top really hard they cut through the paper to make little hearts, spirals and flowers etc. We then used the glue to add the paper shape decorations to the front and inside of the card. Using sparkly pens we then wrote inside the wordsDSCF3389 ‘Love from……’ with our names. They look great and many of them will go home on Friday this week. Soon Alexis’s mother Kaitlyn arrived with lots of things to make a special gift to go with the valentine’s DSCF3393card. Yes…..chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles on top. We helped to mix all the ingredients in a big glass bowl. We used our number skills too to weight and measure all the ingredients and then we used our body power to mix the ingredients together. It smelled so yummy. We helped pour the mixture into some small cupcake baking trays and then put them into the oven on the table. We were very careful not to touch the ovenDSCF3394 as we know it was hot and could hurt us. We could see the cupcakes rising in the oven because there was a light inside. They were in there for DSCF3399about 15 minutes before we took them out. To add some decoration to the top we dipped the cupcakes into molten chocolate and then poured some pink, white and red sprinkles on the top. They looked and smelled so yummy!! We made a few too many and so we had a few spare to try after we had eaten our lunch. They tasted great! Thank you Kaitlyn for all your hard work and preparation for today’s activity. The children loved this. After having our snack time and packingDSCF3402 away we were very lucky to have Ayaka read a great book to us called ‘Tiki, Tiki DSCF3403Tembo’. It was a nice book and we often like to read this and look at the pictures. Thank you Ayaka. After Library time we didn’t have time unfortunately to go to the park today as we had a second session this week of gym time with Tanaka Sensei. We warmed up as per usual and did some balancing exercises as well as playing some new games where we had to follow the yellow taped lines on the floor while Tanaka Sensei had to follow and catch us. We also DSCF3406played the train game where we have to make a train as quickly as possible, one with DSCF3410girls and the second with boys. It was a lot of fun. In circle time we divided into 3 groups to do activities and then rotated after a few minutes. On the small table we repotted some bulbs from our class balcony into smaller pots. We are going to take the flower bulbs to the park to put in our school flower garden as the others there have not made it through the winter too well. The second group of us moved to the 3rd floor with Ayaka to water the flowers on the outdoor DSCF3411balcony while our final group went to the table where Sharee had some foreign DSCF3414coins and a world map. Together we looked at the coins and tried to see if there were any people on the coins or notes and also which country the coins and notes were from. Enjoy your few days off and we will see you all on Friday. Stay warm.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka and ShareeDSCF3418