Beautiful Tulips!

Dear Flowers Class Moms and Dads,

Today we celebrated one of our Flower Class girls 5th birthdays. A big CONGRATULATIONS! Unfortunately, our friend was unwell last week and was unable to attend the group birthday celebration. We made up for this today in class and had a wonderful birthday party.


We were lucky that one of the parents from the birthday party last week was also able to attend and brought us some tasty jelly and cookies to have with our snacks. We all sat together and sang our ‘Good Morning’ song so that we could all know our visitor parents names; Gary, Akiko and Keiko. We gave our Flowers friend the pink card we had made for her with all her friends writing and pictures inside. She wore our special golden crown and we all sang the Happy Birthday Song together. We all stood up to sing along and do the actions to “If you’re happy and you know it” and we thought of some good examples including; stamp your feet, clap your hands, turn around, and a new one for us that we learnt recently ‘Waltz’.


This was funny as we needed to find a partner to dance with. We were all very lucky to receive 2 gifts each too from our friends. She had a big colored box of gifts that we could put our hands in and without looking select a gift. Thank you so much, they were wonderful.


Our friends then called us to the table for some yummy snacks that the mommies and daddies had brought for us. We posed for a big group photo and then received a beautiful cake in a box and another gift to take home with us today. Again thank you to Gary, Akiko and Keiko for making today such a special day. In free play time we saw the enormous brown flower pot on the table again. The difference today was that the tulip flowers have now started to open. We saw 3 red, 2, yellow and 1 white tulip flower which had already opened. They looked beautiful. Before we drew the plants with just the bulbs on the top but today we did a new drawing including the flowers. It was a little hard to get the right shape but soon figured it out. The play-dough was popular today and we used the cookie cutters mainly to make gingerbread me which was fun. After snack time we all headed for the class library area to look at a book and were joined by Nimo from Buds Class who had us all enthralled with the story of Horton Hatches the Egg, a Dr.Seuss book.


It was lots of fun. In circle time we move to the carpet and discussed seeds. We saw lots of samples of seeds from tiny little ones up to big sunflower seeds.


We pretended to be seeds and started off very small on the floor and then began to grow roots, became shoots with leaves and grew up and up towards the sunshine, became buds and then we opened our flower petals. We know there are quite a few kinds of flowers and then moved to the table to make a simple origami tulip. We were very good at this and many of us made at least 3 tulip flowers. Tomorrow we will add the stalks and flowers too. We couldn’t get to the park unfortunately due to the rain and hope it clears up tomorrow.


Love, Darren, Goh San and all the wonderful children in Flowers Class.