Bees are making honey

It was a sunny day again! And we’re all excited to go out and eat at the park early in the morning. We began doing our jobs and our teachers were always patient to help us out if we needed to. We also had our puzzles on our tables wherein after our morning jobs we went straight to this activity and started working and putting all the pieces together. Slowly, we were able to complete 5-6 puzzle pieces and then we moved on 7-10 puzzle pieces. We’re always delighted to practice this skills it really helped us to develop our fine motor and cognitive skills. Mathematics can be learned in so many different ways and not just counting and learning more numbers and shapes. The important thing is to be able to solve simple problems all by ourselves. Most of our friends were always willing to do and face the challenges. If we felt that it’s a bit more challenging than we expected, our teachers were always there to guide us and not to spoonfeed the answers. It’s more of an inquiry-based learning. Also, Chiaki and Liezel helped us out to make something special today. Yesterday, we discussed what bees can make. We told our teachers that it’s honey. So, we made our own pretend honey. We mixed the corn flour with water and put droplets of food coloring. After that, we put the big basin on the table and started playing with it. The texture was so gooey. Some of our friends may need more time to do this activity but most of us were so happy to touch and feel the pretend honey.

We went to the park earlier again and ate our snacks there. We just loved this new change of routine because after snack time, we have to finish packing away our stuff and then go to the play area. Today, we saw a little caterpillar. It has many legs and it was a bit furry. Our teacher told us not to touch it just to be safe. Then, we went to the green area and above the slide to search for pine cones. We helped our teachers a lot and we’re so proud of what we have accomplished today.

After our park, we went back to Ohana. We are slowly learning how to take off our smocks independently. It’s a bit challenging but we will surely get used to this skill in the future. We sang songs about bumble bees and talked about honey. We also noticed that one of our friends was wearing bumble bee socks today. We also pretended that we’re little bees. We flew around and around the classroom until we made it back to our beehive. There, we also made some honey for everyone to enjoy. Imaginative play is also an integral part of our class routine. Every now and then, we have this special activity with everyone.

Thank you so much, Ohana and see you all again next week. Have a great weekend!

Lots of love,

All the children in Buds class 2015-2016