Our tadpoles are frogs

We are all back together after a long Golden Week for some of us. Some of us drove to our holiday destinations; some of us went by shinkansen and some of us flew in an airplane. In fact, Shelley flew on the airplane last night and she arrived in Tokyo early this morning, so that she could come to Petals Class and be with us. We were so happy to see everyone and were particularly excited when Shelley gave us each a little koala key ring. We could choose between a few colours viz. orange, red, blue and green. Our day was sort of like a regular Monday at school, but not really. We had a short free play time and then helped pack away the furniture. Afterwards we sat together in front of our “cherry blossom collage” and tried to remember the names of the different creatures that live under the ground. We then put labels on the picture with words that said the different names e. g. rabbit, worms, snakes, skunks, ants, weasels, foxes and mice. We also added a new piece of documentation which explains how we made our



We tried to guess the names of the different creatures when Shelley told us the initial sound but it was a little challenging. When we had completed putting the names of the creatures on the picture, we went downstairs for snack time. Our mornings seem to go really quickly because before we know it, we are packing away books and getting ready to go upstairs for gymnastics. In our gymnastics class we once again did our routine warm ups e. g. walking like a bear, running, jumping like a rabbit and a frog. We also stretched our bodies forwards and backwards, like a banana and then it was time to learn a few new routines. We walked along a white line of tape that was on the floor. We were divided into two teams; one team had a white line and one team had a blue line. Both teams walked along the lines from one end to the other. The second exercise was walk along the line and when you get to half way, stop and balance on one leg for three seconds and then continue walking to the end. We each did this twice. The next exercise was walking on the lines backwards with our hands to the sides for balance. This was soooooo difficult. We also did the same routine walking backwards and then stopping half way to balance on one leg before we continued to the end. We are so used to going forwards and using our eyes as a guide. This time was just had the line as our guide as we don’t have eyes at the back of our heads! Haha!

During the early part of the day, we matched letters of the alphabet with the letters in our names, we did some alphabet puzzles and we


made a few things in preparation for our Mother’s Day breakfast tomorrow morning. We are not only going to be serving breakfast tomorrow but we are also going to be giving our mums something that we made, singing some songs and enjoying being together. We can’t wait!

During the morning we sat together and counted how many children were in class today. We learnt the names of the children of different animals e. g. lion cub, kitten, puppy, lamb, chicken, piglet etc. We know that we are children and big people are called adults.

Love always, all the children in Petals Class.