The way we dance

  Good morning everyone! It was a rainy day again and we couldn’t go outside. That’s not a problem because we definitely know that we’re going to have a fantastic time again in the classroom. During our play time, we loved to use the kitchen. Goh-san was always with us and took an effort of making our cooking experience so much better. She sat at the table with us and put out some toy plates and other food toys that we could use. We also brought out some instruments to play with. We loved the shakers, tambourines and the drums. We moved around the classroom while playing with these instruments just like a marching band.

On our activity tables, we had some matching puzzles and tower blocks. We loved the two-piece puzzle because it was about colors and shapes that we needed to categorize. It was a good practice for our spatial and visual ability. The tower blocks were great as well because we were able to put them on top of each to make the tower really, really high. When the towers fell down, we were so surprised by how much noise it made on our tables. We also had our caterpillar art. We got two types of circles, red and green. We had one red and five green circles to use on our art activity. We pasted them all on according to what kind of arrangement we wanted it to be. Eventually, we put the eyes and antennae on our caterpillar. It really didn’t matter if we had a crooked one or a straight one as long as we’re able to finish and understand the whole process of making the art.

We also stayed in the library for a long time and Sayaka was there to read some books for us. We loved the Japanese books that she also took out and it was quite interesting how each of us was listening attentively even though we did not understand the whole story; pictures really matter because it’s always making a good impression on us. Chiaki was also in the play area and she helped us out to organize the toy cars for us. She was talking to us and asking important questions that could make our learning experience more valuable in the classroom. We’re just very lucky to have Sayaka, Chiaki and Goh because they always give us the right care and guidance every single day.

We did our circle time today and sang songs about body movements. We felt that we needed to move our body just to expend that energy that we use for the park. So, we did our mini-gym lesson. We stretched our bodies and shook our bodies from side to side. We also did some animal action like the bunny and frog jump and walking like a cheetah. The cheetah was like putting your hands and feet on the floor but your knees should never touch the ground. So we walked slowly and quickly until we got really tired. We also did some jumping jacks and stretching our arms from left to right. Lastly, we all sat down and listened to the story of “Giraffes can’t dance”. It was an amazing story that taught us about we can all dance as long as we listen to the music around us. Then, we all stood up again and danced like little ducks. We put the scarves behind us and pretended that we’re all ducks walking back and forth.

Thank you so much, Ohana for the wonderful day! See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016