Hanami/Spring Picnic with the Ohana family

Dear Parents, We would like to thank everyone for coming to the Hanami! It was such a lovely day!

We all met up in front of the Tomin Bank in the morning, and boarded the buses. We then headed for the park, when all our friends have arrived. Wow! We saw cherry blossom trees every corner we turned. The best was the sight of the sakura trees against the huge Tokyo Tower. It was amazing!

Then, we arrived at the park, and headed for our special spot. The park was sooooo big! There were lots of cherry trees everywhere. When we finally got to sit down, all our mommies started taking out the yummy food they have prepared!

Some started eating as soon as possible, some started playing. Darren blew up the big sphere and cube, and that got us all excited. We started running and jumping into them; it was so much fun! Then someone brought out the baseball stuff and the bubbles. Weeee! We tried our best to hit the ball, even though it was difficult. At least blowing bubbles was easy!

Kent’s mommy started to teach us and our mommies and teachers some yoga poses. Wow, they were a bit difficult! But it felt good really good to stretch on the grass, with the cool wind blowing. Ah, what a perfect day to exercise!DSCN8538

Then, Shelley and the other teachers started to call us to join John for a sing- a- long. We sang some songs and danced along as John strummed away on his guitar. We even made a choo- choo train while we sang. That was a great way to show- off to everyone how talented we all are!

We did a sack race afterwards; we all looked so silly racing each other, jumping up and down like bunny rabbits! We also played with the parachute; we all loved being under it, while mommies, daddies, and teachers shook it up and down.

Then, Pooja called us to gather around her, and she proudly told us she prepared some brownies for us. We were so excited as she was opening her big tin- but we were so surprised by what we found! We saw brown “E”s. Then we remembered it was April the 1st- Happy April Fools Day! We had such a good laugh afterwards.

All in all, it was a very exciting day. It was great to see and talk to everyone. We even saw some of our old friends and teachers, like Nanako! She brought with her her beautiful mommy, Luca, and her cute baby girl Una. We also got to see Dash, Darren’s dog. Darren showed us some of the tricks that Dash can do.

That’s it for now, and hope you all had a wonderful weekend! See you all on Monday!

Lots of love,

John, Sayaka, Sharee, Goh and Chiaki