A Visit To South Korea!

All aboard! Next stop– South Korea!


We started our beautiful day with big smiles when we came into class. Sayaka continued with our fine motor art. Today we stuck the pieces on papers, were our names were written. It was a little tricky as some pieces were big and some were some. We had to think and plan it out to make sure it all fit!

At the other table we sat down with Kai to finish up our foam piece art too. We used our imagination and created our own world and ideas on the paper using foam pieces. So much fun!

We then had special visitors who came to our classroom today– it was Sunny, B’s mommy; and his grandma, who he fondly calls “Halmeoni” (Korean for “grandma”). Our class was divided into 2 groups. Group 1 will have a photoshoot, and group 2 will have arts and crafts. We then swap activities when we’re done.

Group 1 went together with Halmeoni. She had a hanbok for both the boys and the girls! It was so beautiful! Our teachers told us that we look like Korean princesses and princes. There were lots of beautiful embroidery on it. Kai gladly took our pictures, and we gamely posed for him. Halmeoni was so delighted!

On the table, Sayaka and Sunny taught us how to make a beautiful Korean fan. Sunny asked what colors we can see in the fan.

“Blue, red, and yellow,” Sara answered. Sunny told us that these colors stand for something important in South Korea– blue is for the ocean, red is for the earth, and yellow is for the people. We used crayons and markers to color in the swirly design on the fan. We were so happy with our finished product, that we couldn’t help but test it on ourselves and on our teachers (Pauline in particular felt hot, and said “Ahhhh” and encouraged us to fan her more, heehee!)

After all our activities, Sunny gave us some yummy Korean treats! We excitedly put them inside our bags, together with our fans. We can’t wait to share these with you!

We had a circle time with Kai after we said our warmest “Kansamhamnida” to Sunny and Halmeoni and bid them goodbye.

Kai started by reading Me On The Map book. The book followed a girl who drew a map of her room, then a map of her house, street, country and the world. After the story Kai took out a puzzle map of the world and we counted the colors together. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 There were 7 colors each representing a continent. He then taught us a song about the continents. It goes:

What are the continents? What are the continents?

Can you tell me please?

North America, South America

Europe, Asia, Africa,

Don’t forget about Oceania,

Don’t forget about Antarctica.

This are the continents, this are the continents.

This are the continents in the world. 


Now we know the continents he showed us one by one on the map. He took the piece out of the puzzle and asked us to put it back together. We were lucky enough to have a representative from each continent except Antarctica. Whomever was from the continent put the puzzle pieces back on the map. We like the song so much we wanted to sing it again before our daily dose of physical activity.

It was warm and sunny today but we didn’t have time to go to the park with all the festivities that happened. Instead, Kai brought out a couple of drums and we played freeze dance. First, we stayed in place and danced to different actions to the rhythm of the music. We marched, ran, clapped, shake, jumped and many more actions. After we warmed up we danced freely to the beat of the drum. Then we played a freeze dance game to where if we moved after the drum stopped we have sit and watch our friends. It was a terrific time and we really had some moves.

Have lovely evening and see you all tomorrow!

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