Love is still in the air!

Happy Valentines’ day!! exchange the special Valentines day card was very special moment. Thank you very much mommy and daddy for helping us to make it. We hope that you like our special gift for Valentines day.

  Good morning Petals! We greeted each other and started doing our morning jobs as always. As soon as we went into Petals, we saw that Kiki is making special treats! We joined her as soon as we finished our morning jobs. It’s not so hard to make it, but we had to share and wait for our turns.

You know what… we also tried some ingredients while we were cooking! Hehehe... We use healthy foods and they were so delicious! We couldn’t wait for it, and we hope you like it.

After we finished special cooking activity, we continued with our canvas art for GIVE event with Pauline.

Here is the ingredients and the recipe…. (Makes 19 cookies)

· 6 ripe large bananas

· 3 cups quick oats(384g)

· cinnamon small bag

· 1 bag dried cranberries

· Dark chocolate (we used 80% dark chocolate)

Step 1, Peel the bananas, put them in the bowl, and mash them until there are no more lumps.

Step 2, Put oats, cranberries, bananas, and mix them together in the bowl.

Step 3, add some cinnamon into it.

Step 4, Make the LOVE heart shape with the dough on a small baking sheet. (You might want to add some chocolate chips on it, if you like!)

Step 5, Put it in the oven and wait until lightly browned.

We hope that we can make these cookies with our families or friends at home, too!

After we cleaned up, we had a little circle time before snack time. She told us that Valentine’s day is the day we show love to people around us! Today is a great way to celebrate and express how much we care about them. So, it doesn't matter who gives who a card, as long as we love each other.

Sayaka showed told us that we had Valentines day treat from Harriet and Jamie. Jamie told us how he made it with his mommy. Harriet gave out her yummy treats too! Our teachers said that they didn’t have to give such gifts to us, but they would like to show their loves to us, so we should be very thankful for it! We are so happy and felt so LOVED….Thank you Harriet and Jamie! Next it was time for snack! Doing cooking activity and getting special treats made us soooooo hungry!

Finally, it was morning circle time. Sayaka mentioned the history of Valentines day ….There was a young man named St. Valentines. He had a very kind heart. Kiki showed us a short movie explaining his story. Though there are many versions of this story, we focused of the kindness and love St. Valentines showed all the roman solider.

The movie showed the old Roman King, who did not like his soldiers getting married, as this was a sign of weakness. St Valentines, did not agree with this, and secretly married of the soldiers for their happiness. Sadly the King found out about this and imprisoned St. Valentine. The King gave him an ultimatum to listen to him or be killed. St. Valentine was true to himself, and did not want to give up on love. Before he was killed, on his last day, he asked for a paper and pen as his last wish. He wrote a love letter to his love, to tell her how much he loved her and she could always remember him with that card. Therefore, we still write or make Valentines day Cards, in memory of what he did and sacrificed for love. He then died on February 14th, which is today, and we celebrate Valentines day to remember him and share our love with everyone.

Children found this so fascinating and they all agreed that the King was not nice (bad guy). They also said that they believed anyone could marry, as long it’s their choice. We are so proud of our Petals. Thank you for having so much love in your hearts!

At the end we felt like we knew more about Valentines day. Then, Pauline started explaining about what we are going to do next…yay!! We had a big special LOVE box and we exchange special Valentines cards in. She also suggested that we can tell our friends why we love her/him. All the cards looked so special and beautiful.

We then had an early snack, as today was a special make-up day with Miyashita Sensei. When he came in, as always Petals class greeted him with a big smile and were delighted to see him. But what is this….Miyashita Sensei also has a frog in his throat! Petals class thought Kik’s frog traveled to Miyashita Sensei...hehehe.

He warmed up the class by playing a quick game, “Gu-Choki-Pa (Rock-scissor-Paper).” For “Gu” they put their feet together like a rock, “Choki” Legs went forward and back to makes a scissor and “Pa” feet went shoulder width apart, a wide stance.

We then played a racing game, two by two, to practice hopping, bear walk and running. Which was then followed by practiced our catches and throw. We worked very hard at our gym class

Sayaka noticed that Petals were having a little tricky time with their prepositions– next, beside, in front, behind, between. So she decided to play a game to help them recognize those key words. Kiki also had a game were children had to put the toys “next too” “between” “in front” or “behind” an object. It was a little tricky, but slowly our Petals children started to recognize the difference. We will keep working on it in the coming days.

Next thing we knew we heard Kiki say, “SNOW!!” We all ran to the balcony where she was to see her catching snowflakes. We joined her and played in the snow a little bit, before we got too cold. We then came inside and learned a new song with a new dance. Kiki said it’s called “Robot” dancing! They loved it and were practicing their Robotic moves even when they lined up for lunch time. We are glad they had so much fun today even though we didn’t go to the park.


Have lovely evening and see you all next week!

Romantic Robotic Petals










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