Tokyo Tower Vs Eiffel Tower

February 5th, 2018

Dear Parents,

We are used to calling our Mondays ‘Miyashita Monday’ because of Gym class with Miyashita sensei. We were a bit sad to learn that Miyashita sensei was unwell today and wished for his speedy recovery. Satou sensei came to work out with us instead and we nicknamed him ‘sugar sensei’ because he was so sweet. He knew about our workout routine and goals and like always, we began the class by doing some warm up exercises. Then we did a variety of walking activities, for example walking like a Ninja (slowly and quietly), a bunny, a bear and more. Then we walked on a mat and jumped on the cushion and did forward roll three times. Satou sensei then played a very fun Ninja game with us in which, if he threw the ‘shuriken’ up, we had to duck and cover our heads, whereas if he threw the ‘shuriken’ down, we had to jump to save ourselves. We love playing action games. Thank you Satou sensei for an amazing gym session today! We hope Miyashita sensei gets better quickly and we wish we can see him next week.

Last Friday, when we learnt about France, An’s mum Gaelle made a comparison for us to see that just like we have Tokyo tower in Japan, in France, there is Eiffel tower. Today Mo and An built Tokyo tower and Eiffle tower respectively, whereas Gr built both the towers using wooden blocks. Both her towers were taller than her and we all cheered her on as she built it with a lot of focus and concentration. We wondered which tower is taller in comparison – Eiffel tower or Tokyo tower, and Pooja suggested that we look it up on the internet. We learnt that Tokyo tower is taller than Eiffel tower by 9 meters. However, Eiffel tower is much heavier at 7000 tons in comparison to Tokyo tower at 4000 tons.


Mo did his ‘Show and Tell with Mr. Spotty’ today and he had so many things to share. He displayed some of his pictures with Spotty and pointing at one of the pictures of Spotty with his dad, he said, “I take Spotty for a walk, Spotty has ouchie, Teruki take him for a walk”. Mo said that he went to ‘Arisugawa park’ with Spotty and “saw so many waters and fishes swimming”. We asked if Spotty wanted to eat a fish, to which he replied, “yes”. Looking at another picture, Mo said, “Spotty going on the stairs. Then Spotty says ‘Be careful Mo’.” Mo said that he slept with Spotty and “Spotty love to sit on my pajamas”. Then Mo explained that one day Spotty was walking and he wanted to go inside his big black car. When Mo’s mummy said ‘okay’, he jumped inside. Mo was so humorous as he talked about his adventures and it made all of us laugh.

Following are the questions and answers during the Show and Tell: -

 Ann - “You take a bath and a nap?”,

Mo- “Yes, Momo help Spotty to take blankets”.

Gr - “Did you go to a park?”

Mo - “Yes, and then I run”.

Mi- “Did you go to bath with Spotty?”

Mo- “Yes! And I wash his hair. Spotty say Woof Woof! Konichiwa! I can do by myself”.

Tem - “Did you sleep with Spotty?”,

Mo - “Spotty has pacie (pacifier) and he close his eyes and sleep and he brush his teeth”.

Thank you, Mo, for a lovely Show and Tell. So is taking Mr. Spotty home today and will spend the next few days with him.

We enjoyed playing with magnetic shape toys today and while Ai, Ann and Tai made houses with it, Er made a box. Some of us continued working on our Valentines day craft, while a few of us started working on the Chinese New Year craft. We are making pink lanterns and decorating it with gold paper and glittery pipe cleaner. Although Chinese New Year falls on 16th February this year, we are celebrating it on Tuesday, 13th February with Goh san, who is a Singaporean Chinese and Pauline, who lived in China for 8 years.

We didn’t have enough time to go and play in the park today and hence we went for a long walk.

See you all again tomorrow!


Little tower builders in Petals Class

Ohana International School