Mushroom Building


We started off the day by finishing our Justice League puzzle! We were so ex-cited we put our hands together over the puzzle and chanted, “1.2.3. yeah we did it!!”, just like the real Justice League. We were so lucky because we received our new puzzles yesterday afternoon so we chose to work on a 300 piece donut puzzle. The puzzle has 36 colorful donuts and a cup of coffee in the middle. All the colors kind of blend in together so we hope it will be challenging. We’ve been singing the continent song through out the week and to-day there was the continent puzzle on the table. We sat with Kai and wrote the continent names and put it on our homemade map. We used the same color paper as the conti-nent puzzle to help remind us. Even though we know the continents on the puzzle when we try to move it to the large map it gets a little con-fusing. The sizes are not the same, our map has multiple colors with all the countries instead of a single color for the continent. We have a cou-ple birthday coming up in March so Nimo helped us made their birthday cards.
Hisami helped us even more to remember the continents today. We sat together to sing the song and looked at the puzzle. Hisami showed us the continent and the list of words so we can match them together. We also talked about the shape of
each continent. We think South America and Africa are ice cream
shaped and J said Europe looks like a goldfish. Hisami asked us
which continent Japan was in. We knew it was Asia but then she asked
us what other countries are in Asia. We thought about it and listed all
the countries we know. Singapore, India, Taiwan and Tokyo! Huh? Tokyo?
Then Hisami explained that Tokyo is a city and Japan is the
country. Later, we can start adding more information to our world
It’s Thursday today and we were excited for dance class but unfortunately,
Maryna was out because of the flu earlier this week. She
came back to school today but it safer for her to rest until she 100%.
We wish her a fast recovery and we can’t wait to have dance class
again. Even though we didn’t have dance class we had a special park
day. We went to the park and play for a little bit but
since the weather was so nice today all the schools
were at the park! There was so many people we decided
to hike around the city. We were the leaders today
because Hisami asked us which direction we would
like to go. We ended up going to the “Mushroom Building”
or Moto-Azabu Hills. On
the way to the hill we heard a
big noise somewhere so all of
us pretended to hid from the Mushroom monster.
We hid from pillar to pillar until we got to
the courtyard. In the courtyard, There we’re
sage and rosemary plants that we took turns
smelling. Most of us preferred the sage over
the rosemary and some of us didn’t like either.
We also saw a bird bathing itself in a small
pond. The pond had steps to go across it so it
thought it was fun to walk across it.
The last couple days we had Nimo join our
class for a teacher exchange. We loved playing
with him in the park and chatting with him during the class. We would
love for him to stay but we also miss Liezel. It was awesome to have
you Nimo! Come back anytime!
Flowers Class Children

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