A day full of love and celebration


Xin nian hao ya

Xin nian hao ya

Zhu he da jia xin nian hao

Wo men chang ge, wo men tiao wu

Zhu he da jia xin nian hao

Xin nian kuai le!!!

            What a catchy song, indeed! Our love for music is always there and we couldn’t wait what to see and experience here in Buds class. As always morning is our part of the routine. We then saw some amazing art materials on the table with Kiki. We then did the Valentine’s day crown. By the way, we are giving out the special crowns for the parents. Our request is to put them on, take a photo and send it to budsclass.ohana@schoolintokyo.com. We are going to collect all these photos and paste them on their portfolio. Isn’t this a good memory to have?

               Anyway, the carpet area was also filled with trains, tracks and cars. We assembled our own station and we moved our trains around it. It was time to have our special celebration today. We cleaned up and put all the stuff in the storage area. We all made a circle and started singing songs with full of love and glee. When we all sat down, John asked us to move our arms and did some stretching. We then sang a beautiful Chinese song and we all greeted each other “Happy Chinese New Year”. We also counted from one to five in Chinese. The numbers went on just like this… yi, er, san, shi, wu. We kept on repeating until we got all the tones right. It was really not that difficult because we are always good in copying sounds and intonation. Then, we saw some videos of Chinese New Year celebration and there, we found out that it was loud and full of happiness. We saw the Chinese Lion Dance and we tried to copy how their heads moved from side to side. So, for our next task, he showed us how to make a firecracker by just using red strip of paper and gold origami paper. We got our glue and stuck the gold ripped pieces on the red paper. We then rolled the strips and tape it up and tada...we made our own fire crackers. It was just a pretend one and we’re going to have it displayed later in the day. After our Chinese New Year celebration, we also had our simple Valentine’s day celebration. Wow! We are so lucky today that we’re doing lots of joyful celebration in the classroom. We sang our “I love you” song and “Skidamarink”. We gave a big hug and lots of kisses around us.  Thank you so much Ohana teachers for another beautiful day.

            Lastly,  we walked around Motoazabu and went to our favorite place where we could see a little waterfall. We stayed for a while and told our teachers that there was a dinosaur in the water. Oopsy! Be careful everybody!

Lots of love,

All the loving children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School