Our family song


Hope everybody had a fabulous weekend because today is another beautiful week we start in Buds class. As we finished doing our morning jobs, we went straight to our carpet area to play with the cars on the floor. We also felt that our classroom has enough room for us to go around and moved the cars here and there. Our teachers even asked us questions like, “Where is your car going?”, “How did your car get there?” “How many cars can you move from the carpet to the table?” These are very interesting questions that made us think about what to answer. For some, it was really easy to reply even the answers were like completely unrelated to the question.

On our tables, Chiaki helped us out with the painting that we could put on our calendar. By the way, we are working on a special project in our classroom and this is a calendar with some artworks that we did in class. The other table was filled with stacking blocks and matching tiles that we all enjoyed putting together. Initially, it was a bit challenging for us to do but in the end, we were able to do it with ease and quickly. Our teachers didn’t have to help us out because we already knew what we needed to do.

After our free play time, Miyashita-sensei came to our classroom for our fun gym class. First, we did our warm-up exercises like the usual animal actions with our friends. Next, he put a big green mat in the middle of the room together with some cushions on the other side. He showed us how to roll over the green mat and to jump on and off the cushions before we could go back to our place. The rolling over was a bit difficult so our teachers had to help us out. However, the jumping on and off the cushions was so much fun and we kept on doing it before we even went back to our spot again. Lastly, we played the “Egg game”. Miyashita-sensei said something in Japanese and Chiaki told us that it was, “What is inside the egg?” When the egg cracked open, Miyashita-sensei said that it was a “GHOST!” We all ran back to the other side of our classroom because we didn’t want the ghost to catch us. Thank you Miyashita-sensei for a fabulous gym class.

After our gym class, we had our snacks because we got so hungry from our workout routines. Then, John read a book with a title, “Saying hello to the Farm animals”. John told us that we could all go to our carpet area for another fun circle time. We all did what he said and then he mentioned that we’re learning a new song today. The song goes like…

Daddy, daddy, look at me, I can jump

Mommy, mommy, look at me, I can clap

Brother, brother, look at me, I can kick the ball

Sister, sister, look at me, I can turn around

I can do anything, anything with you.

We also looked at some of friends life book and compared their families. It was always nice to see and we feel grateful that our friends were able to share the wonderful pictures they have in the books. Then, we also took out some people figurines and John showed the members of the family. We have the mommy, daddy, brother, sister and baby. John also mentioned that some families are different. Some families have two daddies, two mommies and sometimes some families have no daddies and mommies but they have their other relatives looking after one another. After our circle time, we sang the Family song again and then we all lined up and washed our hands with Goh and Tamara.

Thank you so much again for another beautiful learning experience in Buds.

Lots of love

All the loving children from Buds class 2018-2019

Ohana International School