Tree Hugger


Today was a wonderful day! The sun beamed down on us at the park, we did lots of activities and had more of an insight on Ohana Learning Tree. We’ll tell you all about it. Let’s start with something we all enjoyed,

Park Time


There were lots of friends at the park today. Petals Class was there, our friends from ABC and J’s international were there too. We had a wild time at the big slide because everyone was running up and sliding down. There was so much energy and noise we couldn’t hear each other talk. In the green area, we chased Hisami around and then Kai taught us a new way to play freeze tag. If we were tagged we have to freeze and stand with our legs open. In order to unfreeze, someone had to crawl between our legs. It was so much fun that some of the Petals class children joined.

Circle Time

We’ve been talking about the Cambodia story a lot recently and we know that in the story they only had a tree as there school, and then someone build them a school but what some of us are confused about is, who build the school and how they built the school. Kai showed us a picture of a construction site in progress and asked us what we think it is.

Na: House, that’s not finished

Sa: They’re building

Em: They’re building a school.

Tai: They’re making a school.

Kai: Do you know what’s the name of the school is?

Em: Ohana

Kai: Who helped build the school?

Tem: Teachers from Ohana.


Kai told us that the story is actually based on a real event. We actually build a school in Cambodia! Then he asked us if we knew what happened in the office up stairs today and Sarah answered, “Pop Up Shop!” Then he explained that the money we get from the Pop-Up Shop will be donated for a school in Cambodia. Not just that but also the toys and coins that we have in our big jar will be donated. On top of that whatever fundraising money we make during the charity event goes to Cambodia as well.

Another topic was discussed during circle time. Kai said we should make a tree that shows the different of our school and the Cambodian school under the tree. We looked at pictures of trees so we can have an idea on how to make it, when we start. Then he went over the parts of a tree, flower and leaf.

Activity Time

Our stations were mostly plant based today. We continued to make animals out of leaves, we had nature themed puzzles on the floor, and we crafted a large tree out of big paper rolls. On the other stations we had clay, toilet paper roll craft and made a cover for our “Project Book”.


Al, A, Sa, Tai and Mi started the tree construction by examining the tree pictures. Then they drew there own tree with crayons. After that they organized how they wanted to put the big tree on the floor. They laid out the stem and looked at the branches. It’s too big to put it up now but the teachers will assemble it together later. On the toilet paper roll station Hisami worked with us to make creative crowns, necklaces, bracelets and glasses. We punched holes in the toilet paper roll and strung pipe cleaners in to make the pieces. With Liezel we wrote letters, decorated them and cut them to stick on the cover of our Project Book. Inside the book, it has our projects that we’ve done this year. At the other end of the table Maki finished up decorating our animals with leaves. We used various materials from around the classroom like jewel stickers, foam shapes, colorful sticks, square paper, and more to make it.


End of the Day 

Right after resting time we were woken up with a loud whistle! What could that be? It’s an Earthquake! We quickly dropped everything that we’re doing and got under the table. Then we walked outside calmly with our hands covering our mouths. Luckily, it was just a drill that woke us up but it could happen at anytime. What a way to end a week! We hope your week was just as exciting as ours. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!.



Flower Class Children


Ohana International School