Leaves, leaves, leaves


What a wonderful day! The weather is quite alright when we got to school today. Early morning, we did our morning jobs as usual. Good thing, most of us know what to do and we didn’t have to be reminded. It was so nice to see that our friends can be really independent.

On our tables, we had the matching game with little colorful bird faces. We always have a pair of each picture and all of the pictures were spread out on the table. After that, we all had to find really carefully which one was the right pair. It was a bit tricky because the drawings were quite similar but in the end, we have our teachers who were always there. Our teacher Nanako made a special sand experiment last Thursday. She put cornstarch on our sand and we mixed them up until the texture became really smooth and a little slimy. When we used it today, the texture was quite different. It was so solid but yet crumbly. We had to really use our play dough utensils to crush it. It was so funny because no matter how hard it was to crush, it still ended up pretty solid.

After our table activities, we cleaned up our toys and John read a book entitled, “The Tickle Test”. It was pretty funny because some animals can be ticklish too. The crocodile’s tummy was very ticklish and we just enjoyed looking at the mouse when he tickled. By the end of the story, John asked us where he could tickle us. We all said that our neck can be ticklish. Our friends tickled our necks and we giggled a lot.

Miyashita-sensei came to our classroom and he was very happy to see us waiting for him. We started our workout by stretching and doing our animal actions. He also brought four balls. He asked us to throw and catch them. It was pretty cool that we learned these skills quite fast. Thank you Miyashita-sensei for another fun gym time.

We went to the park and talked about how different leaves can be. We saw yellow, green and brown. Some textures were soft, grassy and watery while other were dry and paper-like. The whole experience was great and it was really nice to see and feel them as we were so curious about our environment.

Thank you so much Ohana for another beautiful day. See you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the curious children from Buds class 2018-2019

Ohana International School