We Love Trains!

Dear Flowers Class parents,

It was another wet morning and many of us arrived in rain boots and raincoats today. It was a shame that it was raining as we knew we probably couldn’t go to the park this morning.


We made sure we had lots of time to play with the things we wanted to today, and had an extended free-play time this morning. On the main table we spent some of our time working with the corkboards, hammers and tacks. We made some wonderful pictures using the blocks and then hammered the tacks into the cork to make them stick there. On the second table we helped Pauline with making some of the props for the end of year performance. There was some play-dough with tools too but most of us were not so interested today in that and preferred the Mr. Potato Head construction toy.


There were 2 kinds of toys we haven’t seen for a while on the carpet today, the K-Nex construction toys and the big blue train set. We love the train set and we put together a big circular track to run the trains around.


With the K-Nex we made lots of wands and snowflakes together. There were a few of us who needed to finish our special dinosaur pictures by cutting out the outlines first, decorating them with markers and paint pointers. We used the blue paper to add sky to our pictures and then the stencils and colored markers to add more dinosaurs. We were so lucky to work with Pooja this morning in free play time practicing our lines for the graduation performance. We all sat on chairs and with Pooja’s help we said our special lines. After packing away the toys we had our yummy snacks and all got together for circle time on the carpet. We started off our circle time by looking at a book together called ‘Great Little Fact Book-Dinosaurs’.


 The teachers told us that there are 2 kinds of books; fiction and non-fiction. Fiction books are stories and so we guessed correctly from the cover of the book that this dinosaur book is a fiction book. Inside we saw a page we liked called ‘Gentle Giants’ all about the sauropods which were plant eaters, had small heads and were up to 40 meters big. It was also interesting to see the pages describing how dinosaurs came from eggs and were related to lizards. We thought of some other reptiles too including; turtles, snakes, iguanas crocodiles too. After practicing 3 special songs we all rehearsed for our performance on the 13th without the props and hats. It was difficult having to stay inside today and so lastly we played a music game we love- Freeze. We had 3 winners today who did really well to complete the game without moving. After quiet time we had our very last Mystery Reader session.


We were all very surprised to see one of our friends moms ‘Rika’ bring a wonderful Japanese book for us. The book was a Japanese version of the ‘The 3 Little Billy Goats Gruff’. It was great to hear the book and look at the big goat scare the troll away. We were so happy to have the Mystery Reader. Thank you everyone for this!

Have a great weekend, Love from all the children and teachers in Flowers Class.