Let’s move to start the week

Good morning everyone! What a sunny day today! We’re excited to see our friends and greet them with a big smile and a warm hug. As we started our day, we did our morning jobs and went to the activity tables today. We saw four boards of puzzles that we could use today and we even asked our teachers if we could play with them. We enjoyed using the sensory toys with the abacus and some connecting cones. We really like to use our logical thinking because we tend to stay longer on our tables today.

            In our carpet area, we had some cool Lego trains that we could connect. There were also some other vehicles that we could move around the classroom. One of our friends was able to connect all the trains and he moved it around with a “choo-choo” sound. Our imagination is always going and going because we love to pretend that we’re in a different world. In the library, our teachers brought out some life books and we got so thrilled to look at them because our friends were always glad to talk about their parents and loved ones. One of us explained that she also liked to go to the places that she’s been to like Hawaii and Canada. Showing our life books is also one way of forming a relationship with our friends.

             After our free play time, we made a big circle and started singing our songs. We started with “If you’re happy and you know it” then, “Itsy, bitsy spider” and “Fly, fly, fly the butterfly”. Sayaka had a haircut and we all noticed it too. We said that her hair is beautiful. Then, John asked, “Who else had a haircut today?” and everybody raised their hands. Let’s all pretend that we had a nice haircut over the weekend!

            It’s time to have our favorite gym class!  Miyashita-sensei gave us his big smile again and we’re excited to do what is in store for us today. We began doing our warm-up exercises like the bunny hop, bear crawling and many more. Then, he set up an obstacle course that we need to pass through. For example, he put the big green mat in the middle of the classroom and topped it with some cushions. He also put some cushions around the big green mat. We had our turns and it was really an easy process for us because all of us were participating quite well. The next task was he slanted down the green mat and we had to roll over it until we reached the other end. After that, we had to go to the other side and jumped over the rope that was attached on both chairs. We played our ghost game again and it was another fantastic gym class! Thank you, Miyashita-sensei!

            We went back to our classroom and stayed at the library for our story time. We read the book that Ai-chan gave us on her birthday and the book title is Fancy Nancy. It was really a funny book but we’re glad that she had her ice-cream by the end of the story because she was really sad when all her ice-cream fell onto the floor in the restaurant.

            Thank you so much Ohana for another active day. See you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the energetic children from Buds class 2016-2017