Things that begin with 'j'

Dear Mommies and Daddies,

What a beautiful morning. The sun was shining and we all expected to have a great day today. Thank you all for your wonderful participation last night for the GIVE charity event. One of the first things we noticed this morning was the return of many of the regular imaginative play toys in the carpet area. These toys included the soft stuffed animals, jewellery, crowns and telescopes which we love to play with. Several of our friends have their birthdays coming soon and we needed to make a nice birthday card for each of them. The Lego was also on the small table today and so we used the opportunity to push the pieces onto the class Lego wall. On the main table we had the opportunity to paint using the watercolor sets. We did some great pictures of a map and a princess with her castle and a light. The red, yellow and wooden construction set was also popular with many of us today and we made a helicopter together. The sparkly play-dough was also again popular this morning with many of us making pretend cookies with the circular cutters. In circle time we started off by makinga nice circle with our friends and then sat down. Pooja showed us our

‘values’ book all about ‘showing respect’ to our friends and teachers as well as the property of others. We love singing the song that goes with this book even though we haven’t quite learnt all the words to the song yet. In circle time we all got together to look at a book about the whole earth and after travelling to many countries we soon realized that if we looked carefully at some of the pictures we could guess where they were, what season it was and explain why we thought it was a particular country. We then broke into two groups to do our weekly ‘phonics’ session before heading to the park. Today the first group looked at the letter / sound for ‘j’, It was funny to see how j looks very much like the lower case ‘i’. We practiced writing some of these in our books as well as drawing pictures of things that began with j. The second group looked at putting together vowels and seeing the ingle sound they usually make e.g. o and a making oa e.g. O sound, boat, coat etc.  We then moved to the main table to start a small personal book based on these vowels. Each week we will focus on a different vowel combination and sound. The park was nice and sunny and we hope the sunny weather continues this weekend!

Have a great weekend.


Darren, Pauline, Pooja and all the children in Flowers Class