'You just see seeds ,, but i see Trees'

October 4th, 2017

Dear Parents,

We had a really busy day today and did lots of fun activities. Our friend M did his ‘Show and Tell’. He got some seeds to show us and we wondered which fruit’s seed it was. The seed had sprouts coming out and we touched it and smelled it to guess but in vain. Ai thought it was orange seed and G thought it was grape seed. Well G was quite close since it was Grapefruit seed. M was very kind and passed it around for his friends to see and smell. Then we asked him some questions. One of our friends asked if he likes to eat Grapefruit to which he said ‘no’. Then another friend asked him why he got it to school and he said, ‘my mummy gave it to me’. Pooja shared that Grapefruit seed extract has great medicinal properties and various health benefits.


There are some seeds we can eat and some seeds we cannot. Another day, we will explore what else we can do with seeds. M had also got a big fruit and some our friends suggested it looked like a giant lemon because it was yellow. We cut it and smelled it and thought that it was probably a mix between a lemon and an orange. There were no seeds in that fruit and we all shared it during lunch time. Some of our friends loved it and asked for a second helping. Thank you, M, for this lovely Show and Tell.



Pernille and Sayaka did a small skit for us today. Sayaka was playing alone with wooden blocks and building a castle when suddenly Pernille came and knocked it all down. Then she grabbed the wooden blocks pieces and said, ‘I want that’. This made Sayaka very angry and sad. We discussed what Pernille should have done when she wanted to play with the same toys. Te suggested ‘you have to use your words’ and An said ‘you have to say please’. We all agreed with them and concluded that it’s good manners to say ‘please’.

We also did yoga with Sayaka. After stretching and some warm up exercises, we did facial yoga followed by various animals poses.  Like always, it was very fun and relaxing. We were running out of time to go to the park and hence we just went for a short walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air.

In the morning, some of our friends worked together and solved a count and match shape puzzle. We had to concentrate and do this activity because we are used to rote counting and it was challenging to count the shape objects one at a time.

Few of us used wooden blocks to build an airplane and fence. Many of us dressed up as princesses, including the boys and wore crowns as we walked around the classroom. Some of us also like to look at ourselves in the mirror after dressing up. Most of us loved creating things with play dough and made fish, cupcake, ice cream, soup and even leaf. We love playing with play dough as it creates many learning opportunities for us from building fine motor skills to enhancing creativity to social skills as we talk to our peers about our creation to math skills when we compare the weight of the dough amongst our peers.



All of us in Petals Class