Let's play the violin!


Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful day for all of us and we’re ready to explore some wonderful activities that we have for today. After doing our morning jobs, our teachers showed us what we could do in the classroom. We saw some fish cut-outs that were taped down on our cover sheet. Out teachers told us about the clownfish. The orange color was so evident and there were some streaks of white. Our teachers gave us the paint brushes and showed us that we could color our fish cut-outs. We were so interested in spreading colors and the last thing that we did was to take off the taped areas. We were reminded to be really gentle when taking off the tape because it might rip the paper into pieces. So, our teachers guided us on how to make sure that nothing was torn apart.

            On our other table, we had some puzzles that had animal illustrations. We were so good in completing because we didn’t have to ask our teachers to help us out. It was really nice to practice our cognitive skills and at the same time we’re enjoying every bit of it.

            In our carpet area, we had some cars and trucks again. We loved putting the map on the floor because we always want to point out the illustrations to our teachers. Our favorite part of the map was the Tokyo tower. The kitchen area was quite busy too because Chiaki was there to help us cook our favorite dishes (pretend play). We identified the ingredients and asked her how to cook our food.

During circle time, we sang the good morning song and talked about the violin. Nimo brought his violin and started playing our favorite songs. We were so amazed by how good he plays with it. Some of our teachers mentioned that we could fall asleep with how beautiful the music was. We’re hoping to hear more of his violin playing and our classroom is now full of music and we could feel it every day.

We went to park today and for some of our friends, it’s their first time to go and hold onto the rope. We did it amazingly and managed to get to our destination. We played in the green area and got on the swings with our friends and teachers. Thank you so much Ohana for another wonderful day and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the energetic children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School