Exercises for our bones

Upstairs on the table all of our art works that we had made with string were laid out on the table. The string paintings represent the vines that we saw when we went sweet potato digging a week ago. Jamie and Emily were not at school yesterday so they used the same technique as we did yesterday, and made their vine pictures. Our teachers asked us whether we knew how to make green paint and Jennifer said: “Blue and yellow” which was correct. Then the question came up of how we make light green. Oliver said: “Add more yellow”. So then it was our time to experiment with the colours. We each had our very own palette with yellow and blue paint in it. We then set about making many wonderful different tones of green. Our teachers reminded us of the time when we scrunched up tissues and did stamping on our paintings to make the leaves on the trees. So today some of us did the same. We had some sweet potatoes with leaf shapes carved out of them so we used a combination of stamps and scrunched up tissues to make our paintings today. We noticed how many different greens there were that we had made all by ourselves.

Outside in the park we had so much fun playing “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?” Some of us were happy to become the wolf when we were caught and we stood against the pole at the large climbing frame and our friends kept on asking: “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?” and we would answer with a time and then our friends would take the same number of steps. It is a bit complicated to explain how to play the game. We loved it and laughed when we were chased by the “wolf”. Even Darren was the wolf one time.

During KIDFIT we did exercises balancing a bean bag on our heads, shoulders and elbows. We used a ball and a scoop made out of half of a large PET bottle and we threw the ball in the air and tried to catch it with the scoop. We each used a strong red rubber band and stretched it with our arms; put it around our waist and pulled it; put it under our feet and pulled it. All of these exercises were designed to strengthen our bones which are called our skeleton. Jet showed us a small skeleton and we gave the skeleton a high five. Our skeleton has many bones which are underneath our muscles which are underneath our skin. We need to eat foods that contain calcium and of course most people think that this is milk, in order to keep our bones strong. There is calcium in many other foods like vegetables.

Downstairs we did a few table activities together with our friends and teachers. We did a drawing and collage using orange and black. We first drew pictures with orange and black markers, orange and black coloured pencils, orange and black wax crayons and orange and black dot paints. We know how to remove the tops of the markers and replace them once we have finished using a colour. When we used the crayons there were no tops so we just drew with them and then put them back in their dishes. Then we used glue and pasted orange and black collage materials on to the page. Orange and lack are the colours that represent Halloween. We then decorated hearts for Christine as it is her birthday later in the month. We enjoyed playing on the mat during free play and were very happy to pack away in order to prepare for snack time.

 We read some stories with our teachers and one of them was called the “Naughty Little Puppies”. They kept on digging a hole under the fence and their mum became really sad as they were not listening to her. So they had to miss out on eating some of their favourite desserts. We read a few more stories and then had some time outside in the park. Our older friends had been to the park earlier so we played with our Ohana friends and as always some children who especially like to play with our sand toys and wagons.

We hope that everyone has a great weekend and is all ready for being on the baking roster for next week.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako, Sabine, Goh, Liezl and Christine.