Friday Fitness

We had only girl teachers today because Darren had to go to a ceremony for us son Aiden, who is starting Kindergarten this year. We want to wish Aiden good luck for the start of the new school year and it was fun meeting him and playing with him in the park on Wednesday. Downstairs was the place where we did most of our table activities. On Friday’s we swop classrooms for about 40 minutes so that each class has a turn to do gymnastics. We glued rhinestones onto another butterfly’s wings. The rhinestones are shiny jewels in different colours. They come in different shapes and sizes just like real jewels do. The rhinestones are quite heavy so the wings are heavier than the other butterfly that we made earlier in the week. We pasted paper on the first ones wings and the paper was light.

Today’s class was fun with mostly revision of what we learnt last week. We spoke about our skin and how important it is to take care of it from the inside, by eating healthy food and the outside, by doing exercises and wearing sun screen. Nico said that he drinks milk and Noa said that she ate strawberries. We tried to remember which foods were healthy and which were not. Minli told us that we need to go to bed early at night so that we have enough rest which makes our bodies healthy. We played with more letters today which we bounced in the middle of the parachute. We had a yellow “B” which we said was for banana; a pink “P” which we said was for peach and a blue “W” which we said was for watermelon. When we were talking about the things that we should not eat, Shoko mentioned cream, just a little!

One of the other two activities that we did today was make a “Thank You” card for Nico and Allie’s grandma, May. We cut out small photos which were printed on the computer and pasted them on a large card. We drew on one side of the card and Shelley wrote a message on the other side. When we looked at the photos we remembered the delicious waffles we ate yesterday with her. Our eggs that we painted yesterday are in our lunchboxes and we can eat them if we want to!

The third activity was just for children whose classroom is on the third floor. They had to draw a caterpillar on their green leaf paintings.

Downstairs, we sang some action songs before we sang our ‘hello’ song and we read books with our friends and teachers. We are enjoying using the magnet wands with the puzzles and are practicing how to pick the pieces up and then place them back in the right place again. There are three puzzles. One has four fruits that the very hungry caterpillar ate; one has ocean animals in it e.g. a manta ray and the third one has fresh water animals in it e. g. a frog. We “fished” for the puzzle pieces and then counted them together. Then we placed them back in the puzzles and did this over and over again. In the park, we saw many beautiful cherry blossoms. We hope that the weather will be kind to them this weekend and keep them on the trees so that we can have a picnic underneath them next week. We want to wish you all a restful weekend and hope that you will all have time to go out and enjoy the beautiful “sakura”. We will be welcoming another new student at Ohana next week which heralds more new beginnings.

Love Shelley, Goh, Kana and Sabine