Yoga from India

We started off our day continuing to work on our cnvasses and our Hina Matsuri pictures which we started yesterday. Hisami helped us fold the origami paper into triangles and then we followed the rest of her instructions to complete our pictures. During one of our circle times she taught us about the Emperor and Empress. ‘Hina Matsuri’ is actually called ‘Childrens Festival’ but the focus is for girls , whereas ‘Kodomo no hi’ is for boys. ???????????????????????????????Many festivals in Japan are actually for all children. At our art table where we work on our canvasses each day, we did marbling and dripping. We could choose which one we wanted to do or we could do both. The marbling is with a marble, some paint and the way we tilt the tray so that the marble races across our canvasses to make lines and patterns. The dripping is when we put a spoonful of paint on our canvas and we turn the canvas and make little rivers of paint in many directions. ???????????????????????????????The effect is really interesting and we think that some of our friends canvasses are now complete. During music time we listened to a Japanese CD and sang and did the actions to many great songs. We sang ‘Oki na kuni ko’, ‘Hige–ji-San’, ‘Panda, Usagi, Koala’ and the ‘Obento’ Song. Hisami read ‘kentaro’ in English and Japanese. This story is very famous in Japan, just like the wonderful ‘Momotaro’ story. Kintaro is a strong boy and he has many animal friends in the forest. On the third floor we had a new matching activity on the smaller of the two tables. We needed to match each of the magnetic plastic lower case letters with the appropriate picture card on the table. It looked a little difficult but we managed to match the right ones. ???????????????????????????????On the main table we were also working on our art canvasses. Yesterday we tried rolling coins from around the world down the tilted canvas and so today we all had some wooden wheels which we put on sticks through the center of each. We could then choose a color and roll the edge of the wheel in the paint before rolling it across the paper. We also had some cotton buds and glue caps to try applying paint with too. DSCF2673We visited India yesterday in the classroom and were very interested in the exercise called ‘Yoga’ from India, and so we got the cards out for the yoga activities and had a lot of fun trying all the positions on the cards. In circle time we needed to warm up our hands as it was a bit chilly in the park today and so we sang an ‘Open them, shut them’ song as well as our vowel learning song ‘Old MacDonald had some vowels’. We then saw who knew which vowel letters on some cards went with the sounds the teachers made. DSCF2700This weeks sound has been for the letter ‘d’ and so we all drew giant letters in the air and then played a game to see if we could guess what the objects were on picture cards. Darren always goes too fast for fun and so we all said out loud “Slow down Darren”. We guessed correctly for the pictures of dog, duck, donkey, doctor, and dice. Love always, Shelley, Darren, Hisami, Ayaka, Liezel, Nanako, Goh, Christine, Maryna, Sharee