And now we say goodbye......sayonara

“We’ve come to the end of another year

And now we say goodbye…….sayonara

We’ve finished our work and we’ve finished our play

And now we say goodbye……sayonara

Goodbye, my friends, goodbye my friends….sayonara

We’ve finished our work and we’ve finished our play

And now we say goodbye……sayonara”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was a wonderful end to the year in our class downstairs. We had the whole school with us; with all the children and teachers and our parents. We were really proud to be standing in front of them, dancing, singing and doing actions. They even joined in with some of the songs as they know the words. We started off by dancing to “Hot Potato”. We haven’t listened to this song for so long and really enjoyed singing and dancing to it again. The next song was our special echo song called “I am special”. We remembered how to sing the echo song; we waited for Shelley to sing first and then we sang second. It is a bit like when we sing our “Copy Cat” song where we copy the actions that she does. We also copy the sounds that she sings. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe sang our “Hello” song and just sang the names of our teachers and our friends in class. Sometimes we sing our mums and dads names, but there were so many guests in our classroom, it would have taken so long.

We sang a canon with the "ABC song" and then "Twinkle, twinkle little star" and we were going to sing “I hear thunder” but Shelley forgot! Boohoo! We counted five fingers on one hand and then we hid our fingers away because they OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwere bees, hiding inside their beehive. The song is called “Here is the beehive”. We also sang “I’m looking to see who is ……” and then after we had sung “I’m looking to see who is sleeping” and we shouted: “Wake up”, we sang “Wake up it’s a lovely day”. We then curled up into tiny seeds because that’s how flowers start off. And we listened carefully to the words; when we heard “I’m growing in the garden” we all stood up like a beautiful tall flower and danced with our friends.

We ended off our show with gifts for our parents which were a Year Book, our OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAportfolios/workbooks and then we received a beautiful tog bag with the Ohana flower on it together with our name. The teachers also received a bag like we did. Lily our special friend from two years ago is leaving so we gave her mum and dad a gift and a doll with lots of beautiful messages written on it. Then we had to say goodbye to Sabine who has been with Ohana when it was first born. We are so sad that she is leaving and she is always welcome to come to Ohana when she is back in Japan one day. We gave her a painting that we made especially for her and she was so happy because she really wanted to have one. When it was the wine tasting event she was not in Japan and really wanted to buy one so when she saw OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthis was her gift, she was so happy. We are glad that we will still be seeing her during summer school until the end of June when she leaves for Malaysia.

We celebrated Allie’s birthday after the party and had a beautiful cake and Dora cupcakes together with all the other amazing foods from our parents. Allie blew out three candles on a beautiful cake that was white, and pink. We had the choice of eating the birthday cake or cup cakes. Many of us just wanted to lick the sweet frosting on the top…..yummmm! We think that we may have eaten too much however we were still full of energy and ran around our classroom while our mums and dads were enjoying themselves. We are so happy that this was not a real goodbye because most of us are returning to school on Monday for Summer School…yippee! So our goodbyes will OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbe later during our Summer School. We know that Allie is going away tomorrow so we wanted to say a big “Happy birthday” to her and hope she has a wonderful party with her family in the Philippines. Upstairs we had fun participating in our friends’ end of the year party downstairs. Afterwards we went to the MPR and enjoyed trying to climb, and play with the equipment there for the last time for some of us. When we returned to our classroom, we hugged our friends and sang “Now it’s time to say goodbye to all my friends”. Have a great summer everyone. We love you!

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine