The last week of an amazing year at Ohana International School

     It’s the final countdown  …………………..

and the celebrations all began on the weekend. We heard that our parents and teachers had a great party on Friday night and we too had a great BBQ and swimming party on Saturday. It was so nice to see our OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfamily, friends and teachers together at Jocelyn, John and FJ’s house and we loved our time together…..especially the swimming. A big thanks to them for being so kind to us and letting so many of us come and have a great time together. We will miss them when they leave……

Downstairs, we practiced for our end of year party which is on Thursday for our mums, dads, helpers and everyone else who is near and dear to us. We have a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlong green line pasted on the floor which we are learning to sit and stand on for Thursday. Shelley also reminded us about looking at gestures that people make to send us messages or communicate with us. She raised her hands up and we remembered that it means “stand up”. When she wanted us to sit down, she put her hands down in a curved movement and we realized that this meant “sit down”. Our party is a time for us to consolidate many things that we learnt during the year and show OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthem to our families. We will be singing echo songs, canons, and many other kinds of songs; some that need us to use words and some that require us to hum the words.

We played with the dress ups and home corner equipment and went shopping. We love walking around with handbags and our teachers use language to help us understand what we say when we go to the store to buy things. We also sing “And we’ll go walking, walking, walking, walking, walking down the street”.

We were happy to see our tables back in our rooms so that we could eat our obento’s on them. It was a little tricky for us last week however we managed extremely well.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Upstairs, we also chatted about the time we had swimming on Saturday. Sean and Sofia played together really beautifully, co-operating and sharing. They took out all of the cushions that they could find in the classroom and piled them on top of one another to make a house. FJ and Beckett played together making their own book. They took the book “Fox in Socks” and FJ copied the words onto lots of strips of paper. Beckett observed FJ while she did this so he took DSCF3397out “Have you seen my duckling and started to copy some of the words written on the pages. They stapled all of the strips that they wrote words on into books.

We took out some of the blue, green and pink recycled papier mache mix from the freezer and Beckett and Nico both made birds from it. Last week we completed our penguins using origami paper so this week we thought about making an Emperor Penguin which is a lot larger than a regular penguin. In real life, they grow to about 1.2 meters tall. We took newspaper and attached DSCF3408large sheets to one another. Then we carefully folded it into a sort of penguin shape. We used black and white circles for the eyes and glued them on. When we were holding the newspaper up to create the penguin shape, we couldn’t make it balance. Our teachers tried to see how they could help too but they needed our guidance. Eventually we took something that could support it and help it remain upright. Beckett and FJ gave it a big hug…..a gentle one.

We reviewed all the songs, sounds and actions for the letters s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, e, h, r, m and d. We looked at a large card with a letter on it and we had to try to think of something that started with that letter and sound.

In the park, we drew footprints, spirals and Mickey Mouse ears in the dirt. We used sticks and Sofia used a stone for her picture.

Thanks for a fun day at school. We hope that all of our mums and dads have diarised tomorrow and Thursday for our end of year parties.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine