A weekend of feasting, partying and swimming

This weekend was a true celebration of Ohana International School and its amazing community. The partying started off on Friday night with the end of year Parent Teacher party. The room was decorated Moroccan style, with flowing ceilings, candles, lamps, rich coloured tablecloths, creating a beautiful ambience. The room soon filled with the parents arriving laden with generous platters of spring rolls, spicy chicken, chicken balls, chicken salad, rice, empanadas, meat pies, cheese platters, pad thai, shabu shabu salad, nibuta, beefun, satay chicken skewers, sausage rolls, noodle salad and the cherry on top were fruit salad, Lindt chocolate balls, ice cream and Malva pudding.

As everyone was getting into the mood, with alcohol flowing, the show began........two belly dancers arrived to entertain everyone. Some parents were game and joined in......Patrick was the only dad wiggling his hips and joining in the fun. The night continued thereafter with music, feasting, drinking and lots of laughter.

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The following day it was time for the whole family to celebrate and this time it was at the Australian Embassy thanks to John and Jocelyn's amazing hospitality and generosity. Once again, the food was excessive and so delicious; we feasted on BBQ'ed shrimp, ribs, steak, chicken, corn, egg plant and tahini, capsicum/red peppers, salads, pasta salad, potato salad, sausage rolls, Philippine fruit salad, chips.......and the hips got larger. The children had an absolute ball, swimming in the pool with their dads and friends, while the mums and other ladies enjoyed drinking, eating and chatting.

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Thanks for a wonderful weekend.

The end of an incredible year at Ohana is nigh

Leaving me to sit back and sigh

And revel and feel joyous in all that I see

A school filled with heart reflecting me

And what I dreamed of once upon a time

And now I will end this short rhyme