Shaving cream art

One little, two little, three little children

Four little, five little, six little children

Seven little, eight little, nine little children

Playing with shaving cream

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday downstairs, we had a wonderful time, playing with white shaving cream on the art table. This was a first for many of us and we were not sure what to do with the shaving cream in the beginning. It was white and fluffy and came out of the can making squiggly patterns. William was not so happy to play with it but then Shelley sang some songs with us and helped him and he enjoyed it just a little. We played and mushed it on the table and then our teachers asked us what colour we wanted to use. They poured some coloured paint onto the shaving cream and then we saw how the shaving cream changed colour. We made many patterns with our hands and fingers and then our teachers made a mono print for us. They did this by putting a piece of white art paper over our shaving cream design and pressed the paper onto it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we lifted the paper up, we saw a beautiful pattern on the paper. We will put these into our portfolios so keep for when we are older one day, and we can look back on our years at preschool in Tokyo.

We read a wonderful story called “Hattie and the fox”. It is a story about a hen called Hattie that sees something suspicious in the bushes and when she tells that other farmyard animals, they are not really interested. Eventually when the fox appears and their lives are threatened, they react and luckily for the cow and DSCF3230it’s huge loud scary “moo”; this made the fox so frightened, it ran away and their lives were saved. Phew! We enjoy listening to the sounds that the animals make and Shelley made all of them, while she was telling the story to us.

During the earlier part of the morning, we did a few more hearts, we did some cutting, puzzles and we drew pictures. Our teachers measured us to see how big we are.

Upstairs we made many different things using recycled paper. In our classroom, we keep many scraps of DSCF3226paper from work that we do each day. We try to save some of the scraps as they are great for making things and today we decided to use them. Some of us made pictures using them together with drawing materials and some of us shredded the paper in the shredder.

We had a selection of board games on the tables this morning and while FJ, Jennifer and Miya preferred to make things with the recycled paper, a few of us DSCF3221played the games. Miya made a mask while Sofia made a princess crown. Jennifer made a present for everyone in the class using the recycled paper. When she was finished she went skiing in the classroom.

In the library we read “Fox in Socks” and tried to repeat some of the rhymes which are silly and funny and confusing too. Fox rhymed with socks and box and knox and tocks.DSCF3220

We sang “You are my sunshine” with actions and “Where is thumbkin”. At the activity tables later in the day, we sat together and spoke about the different kinds of birds that we know. We thought of flamingo, swan, ostrich, duck, parrot, humming bird, sparrow, kingfisher and woodpecker. We learnt that all of their babies are called “chicks”. We made baby chicks for our 3D eggs using art clay. We had to sculpt the clay into birds that are quite small as the eggs are small. We had to fit them inside the eggs. We also shredded some magazines which we will use with some other shredded paper and make into nests over the next few days. A nest is a house for a bird; a kennel is a house for a dog; a hangar is a house for an airplane; and a pond is a house for a frog. People and animals have so many names for their houses.

We had fun in the park as always and spent time mixing water and sand together.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine