It was a great night out last night at the new Ohana

Wow! What a great party our teachers and parents had last night. We think that some of them came home really late as they were having so much fun. We are glad that people could visit our school and enjoy themselves. We also heard that there two IMG_1781beautiful cakes with the Ohana picture on them and that Lily’s dad celebrated his birthday with everyone. Happy birthday Arne!

Sophie arrived at our new location for the first time and we were so happy to see her after so long. We went to the park early this morning as Friday is our KIDFIT day and if we don’t go out early, we miss playing in the park, which we love. In fact, when we went to the park, there was no one else there. It was fun to have the entire park to ourselves and just run around freely with our friends and teachers enjoying the space and equipment.

In our KIDFIT class we focused on the skin and Fire hazards. Whenever we go out we need to put sun block on to protect ourIMG_1793 skin from burning. We should also wear a hat on our heads as the sun can be very strong and we can get dehydrated which means too much water goes out from our bodies. We must also drink water in order to keep our bodies hydrated. We kicked a ball and then threw it and tried to catch it. We tried to balance a bean bag on our heads and then we used homemade shakers and should them on different parts of our bodies. We learnt a song about Fire hazards and pretended to be fire fighters. The equipment that we used in this song was a long white foam noodle. We held it and pretended that it was the fire hose squirting water. We learnt that 119 is the number that we must IMG_1785call if there is a fire and we need the fire brigade to come and help us. If we need the police we call 110.

The book that we read today was called “Tiddler”. It was about a fish that told big stories that no one believed. We played a game where someone said something and we said: “He did it” if it was believable and if it was not believable we said: “No, he didn’t!” At the activity table we completed our fish, dolphins, starfish etc. and attached them to the backdrop of our aquarium with the seaweed on it. We pasted some of the fish behind the sea weed and when the seaweed moves, it IMG_1818looks as if the fish disappear.

Downstairs we had lots of friends in our class today and for some of them it was their first time to do KIDFIT. It looked as if they were having fun in the class with Hanna and all the equipment that we used. We did the same exercises as our friends in the upstairs class. When we went to the park, we made a detour so we ended up walking a little further than we usually do. We walked up the road towards a small temple and just before we came to it, we turned left and walked along a really OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwindy road. There are many interesting houses along the way and our teachers always tell us that when we are in public, we need to show consideration to others and use soft voices. When we walk along the lane usually we go on tip toes and we whisper just in case a baby is sleeping there.

We read our new stories that Jackie and Kevan gave to us and we are so happy that they wrote in the books for us. We love having our grandparents visit us here in Japan and soon we will welcome Zachary’s grandmas who will come and visit us so this is something to look forward to. At the IMG_1780tables we played with play dough, puzzles and we spent time playing imaginatively in the home corner. We particularly love cooking and our youngest friends pull all the utensils off the shelf. We now have a huge set of tongs and all of us love to go around the room trying to pick up things with the tongs. Well it is now the end of our second week at our new school and we are really having a lot of fun while at the same time, adapting to everything. We hope that OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAyou all have a wonderful weekend and wish Jackie and Kevan a safe trip home. Come back soon!

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.